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    hey guys;
    I am looking for a way to get the base64 image representation of a loaded ext img...
    it there somethingout of the box? if not, what are my options?
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    so I wanted to materialize my app a bit...
    was looking for a FAB like feature for sencha in order to allow social sharing.
    found this...
  3. +1
    I dont understand why this became restricted. can someone please handle this?
  4. important question:is there some kind of restriction on the OS?I use hybrid apps with android and ios only. are all the secha touch 2 supported platforms valid for use with touch material too?thanks.
  5. Hi;I would I go about adding just a single component to my sencha app.for instance, add only the progress barthanks

    I simply added the ProgressCircular.js file to my project and also...
  6. Hi and thanks.I can seem to get this to work. it seems that ColorPickerMain js file is requested from an incorrect path(other components are fine) and this seem to stop the app from passing the...
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    the announcement link is broken or more accurately give me the following, can someone point me to the OG announcement?:
    Sencha Forums Messagegkatz, you do not have permission to access this page....
  8. found the answer here...
    thanks josh morony
  9. I checked and concurred the following:
    with version 39 of webview the app works fine
    with version 43 of webview (the latest update) the app halts immediately...
  10. Latest Android system webview (see picture) breaks hybrid app (PGB 3.6.3)....
    my hybrid app is launching but gets stuck immediatly it has been working like butter for a long time. I searched my...
  11. bump again. cant get passed this...
  12. does anyone use this library?
    I would be happy to hear your thoughts about it.
  13. see title.
    if so, there is no Sencha when you browse repositories...
  14. need some help here...
  15. yes;I am doing:

    //Mar 26, 2015 12:48:00 PM M d, Y g:i:s A
    var dt = Ext.Date.parse(dateStr, "M d, Y g:i:s A");
    and now I need to output the date in a different...
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    same problem on chrome Version 42.0.2311.152 m.
    also heppnes on IE 11:

    why is this not handled?is there a bypass?
  17. Hi all
    I have a string in English representing a date. I need to parse it to a date object and format it to a different language (a language supported by ext in the locale package).
    problem is that...
  18. Hi;
    I am looking for good options for a free, lightweight, JS editor with code completion support for Ext 5.
    the only constraint is that i don't want to use eclipse.
    any suggestions?
  19. I am looking for a built in utility for that. I understand I can code it my self...
    in jquery this is a part of the library and looks something like:

    I am trying to understand if sencha has this...
  20. Hi;
    is there a built in way for coordinating several ajax requests?
    I think jquery has something like 'when'
    couldn't find a similar utility in ext js and I actually need it :)
  21. Hi all;
    with regard to a component life cycle:
    1. at what stage can I query a component's dims (width+height)
    2. at what stage can I query a component's parent component dims
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    Nowadays, Sencha touch has a built in one. Why do you need the other libs?
  23. thanks @yeghikyan but actually my question, as stated in the title, was regarding a way to do this not programatically, meaning that I want some declarative way of achieving this.

    for example:...
  24. Hi all;
    let Assume I have the below class instanciation and class def:


    Ext.define('SomeClass', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
    style: {
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    Hi all;
    I am searching for an iframe for ext JS. and stumbled across this!/api/Ext.ux.IFrame
    thing is, it seems that this class is not a part of the...
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