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  1. I have all the same set up as you and I define my Model dates with dateFormat 'c'.

    { dateFormat: 'c',
    name: 'Birthday',
    type: 'date'
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    I see that Touch 2.3 is moving toward supporting packaging with Cordova...this is good. I would suggest that Architect also incorporate this functionality from the "Package" button. Obviously we...
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    Yeah, I recently used it for iOS and Android...hopefully they will come around to BB, Windows, Tizen, etc. Especially if partnering up with someone such as Sencha.
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    Does the Architect roadmap include any eventual plans to include device profiles? Obviously I can manually detect phone or tablet and do what I want, but it would make things a lot cleaner if...
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    I really liked the new feature to package the app and push it to AppPurify for testing. Has the Architect team considered partnering with someone like TestFlight for AdHoc / Beta testing...
  6. If you want to stay on Sencha CMD and Touch 2.1.1 then save yourself the trouble and use PhoneGap. I did the upgrade to CMD and I couldn't get native build OR PhoneGap to work. The app...
  7. I had to downgrade to Since I have latest of Sencha Architect, it will no longer build the app for me...had to run command line sencha app build native

    I'm just glad I was able to...
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    Same issue here...Win7 64-bit
  9. Hope this helps someone...

    I followed all the steps (developed on Win7 and moved the folder to my Mac). But when i attempted to re-sign I got

    Code Signing Error : object file format...
  10. This is still broken in 2.1.1...any ETA?
  11. I did it from Sencha uses build package with packager.json

    The hardest part for me on this whole thing was knowing how to create the certificate, provisiong, etc and exactly where...
  12. If anyone else is trying to do this, I just successfully uploaded my app to TestFlight for testing. I happen to be using Win7...I built the app via Sencha Architect (but that is just internally...
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