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  1. Agree to that by identifying the phone i came to...

    Agree to that by identifying the phone i came to know that the device type is Phone.
    Where as in case of Tablet, few Tablet support call feature and few not. like in Android tablet.

    IS there any...
  2. How to identify that phone or tablet support Call feature via Sencha Touch

    In my current application I have a feature by which we can call to a number by opening the dialer pad.

    On phone its working fines no issue as phone has the CALL support API.

    Is there any way...
  3. Issue while running the app on Android device

    Hi Elmasses,
    I have checked you demo its working fine on iOS device and good job.
    But when i tested on android device it's fail to run as expected behavior.
    Please suggest if there is any...
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