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  1. [CLOSED] XTemplate can't access the attribute with "is" style getter method

    Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    Ext GWT 3.0.1

    Browser versions and OS
    (and desktop environment, if applicable)

    Chrome 24, Windows XP
    Virtual Machine
  2. [CLOSED][3.0.0]Ext.PagingToolbar.refresh() invalid

    PagingToolbar.js line213
    this.refresh property override this.refresh() method,so refresh() invalid.
  3. [FIXED] [3.0rc2]Ext.tree.TreeLoader's private function runCallback has error

    28969:this.runCallback(callback, scope || node);
    called "runCallback" and passed two arguments.

    28988:runCallback: function(cb, scope, args){
    28990: ...
  4. Replies

    in Class Ext.grid.CellSelectionModel doc: But...

    in Class Ext.grid.CellSelectionModel doc:

    But 'getSelectedCell' only return a coordinate array,

    * Returns the currently selected cell,.
    * @return {Object} The selected cell or null...
  5. 去捕获store的load事件,服务器端下传json中封装错误信息,通过store.reader.j...

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    May Ext add isVista constant?

    Ext.isVista=(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("windows nt 6.0") > -1)
  7. [2.0rc1] PagingToolbar's 'start' param lacks consistency

    IE7 FF2.0.7

    At line 20098 in ext-all-debug.js,if I set nothing in o.params,'start' param is default value(0) and toolbar would show page One.But if I set any other params in...
  8. [2.0rc1][SOLVED][DUP] Ext.DataView code logic error


    In ext-all-debug.js[line 17427]:
    updateIndexes : function(startIndex, endIndex){

    17425 var ns = this.all.elements;
    17426 startIndex = startIndex...
  9. How to handle 'real' TreePanel beforeload event?

    I want to make a logger TreePanel plugin for recording whether a tree node and its posterity is expanded,and while the node reloaded, it can help to rebuild structure.So I try to handle TreePanel's...
  10. Thanks. I try you said, to Clayton : yes,if I...

    Thanks. I try you said,

    to Clayton : yes,if I remove doctype,all is OK.

    to tryanDLS : must set layout option of Viewport,otherwise the GridPanel show itself by own way. And when Viewport layout...
  11. [2.0b1] The head row of GridPanel in Viewport can't move horizontally in IE7

    Extjs version: 2.0Beta1
    ext-base.js alone
    windows 2003 sp2
    Firefox 2.0.7 IE 7.0

    In IE7 the head row can't move horizontally with scrollbar if GridPanel in Viewport,

  12. Thanks jack

    Thanks jack
  13. [2.0b1][Solved]Form field msgTarget : 'side' problem

    Extjs version: 2.0Beta1
    ext-base.js alone
    windows 2003 sp2
    Firefox 2.0.7 IE 7.0

    I created a Ext.form.FormPanel with some fields in a Ext.Window,and loaded the data to fill...
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