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  1. If the code was setTimeout("alert(1)",..., then it would have worked fine without the error. However, since the error happened after 10 seconds that means that setTimeout is working. It's just a...
  2. Well it works for me. Can you try the following

    I see this.printpanelWin.hide(), try replacing close() with hide() or destroy(). (I hope you changed mywindow to this.printpanelWin :D)
    If the...
  3. var mywindow=new Ext.Window({
    title:'My Window Title',
    show: function() {
  4. When defining a combo box, you provide displayField and valueField from the store. Use the same for lovcombo.

    If you still have problems, then please post some more relevant code for me to see...
  5. Although the example provided by Saki doesn't include displayField and valueField, but when I implemented LovCombo, I added displayField and valueField to it. Otherwise it was showing as undefined. ...
  6. Did you try xtype: 'lovcombo'. The Ext.ux.form.LovCombo.js has

    // register xtype
    Ext.reg('lovcombo', Ext.ux.form.LovCombo);
  7. {.....
    title: 'My Title',
  8. Well the css I mentioned was for x-form-radio-group. Having a close look at your code, I am unable to understand why are you using xtype:'radio' for every option. I might be incorrect, but I think...
  9. I have had issues with labelWidth as well. I finally found to make this change to css. Try adding:

    <style type="text/css">
    .x-form-radio-group {
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    alert('<%=request.getRequestURL().substring(0, request.getRequestURL().length() - request.getRequestURI().length())%>')

    This returns http://localhost:8080 for...
  11. Try changing rootProperty to root.
  12. Can you please post some of your relevant code. I usually use:

    my_grid_store.filter('my_column_dataIndex', value_to_search, false);
  13. There is no store for combo. Also, combobox does not require 'dataIndex'.

    { xtype:'combo',
    fieldLabel:'Company List',
    id: 'companyName',
  14. Add 'displayField' and 'valueField' to your combo instead of dataIndex.
  15. Check my reply to:

    Using 'date' will make it sort correctly. Use renderer to...
  16. In your store define 'email' and 'login_time' as:

    name: 'email',
    type: 'string', //Using 'String' will make it case sensitive
    mapping: 'email'
    }, {
  17. If I understand correctly, you are trying to display the data in a column. Try a renderer on the column

    header: 'Date',
    dataIndex: 'maturityDate', ...
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    Try this

    text: 'Go bottom',
    handler: function() {
    var lastRecord =;
  19. Thanks for your reply, but I already have height defined for my north region:

  20. I am having the same problem. Have you found any fix for it?
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