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    When we invoke to com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Window.maximize() from our Java code in IE7 the application throws this javascript exception:

    [ERROR] [com.inditex.prearticle.web.PreArticle]...
  2. This is the situation. A TabPanel with two tabs inside, one of them disabled. When I'm using the enabled panel and I press "end" button, the active panel changes to the disabled one.

    I think that...
  3. Bug is related with (as far as i know) GXT 2.1.

    We have a form with one combo. Such a combo is editable and has
    listeners to performn certain tasks when its value changes (that is,
  4. Is it already fixed?
  5. I think I found the bug's origin. If I change the system date to anything with a day before the 28, the February selection works. I think that something is trying to select the 30 of february when my...
  6. Recently I've found in my application that when i select in the DateField the February month (chosing it from the top bar of the DateField, not from the navigation links) the DateField changes itself...
  7. I have a grid where I use setAutoExpandColumn() for one of the columns but it does not work when I maximize or resize the window.
    The grid is placed into a FlexTable, because I need to paint two...
  8. I'm experiencing this issue and i've tried to confirm that it's a firefox limitation. I've created a small html with an iframe and a js code to hide and show it with display none and the url does not...
  9. When I press the secondary button over the node, and press "Modify" a new field appears. If I set a new name into the field and press "Aceptar" (locale is set to "es") notthing happens. Absolutly...
  10. We've found a problem when updating a TreePanel and locale is set. We've been trying without locale and works fine. But when we set the locale to "es", set the browser to "es" locale and fully...
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    Maybe i didn't fully understand the ActiveGrid, but i'm looking for a scrolling grid that retrieves data from database when it's scrolled, like smartgwt Livegrid
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    Are there any plans to officially release ActiveGrid?
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