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  1. Do you really need to refresh the table?
  2. Cellactions did what I wanted. (I had been looking on that before but it was a bit overwhelming at the time, my bad.)

    Thanks everyone for your help.
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    This is a great piece of work, and I got it up running very easy thanks to excellent documentation.

    I do have a question though: I want my cellActions in the absolute rightmost column in my grid...
  4. That would be awesome, but because this is in a gridcolumn the element wont be rendered in the function that creates the button. I need to do something like myImg = new Ext.Element() to get an object...
  5. (Yes, I have read the whole post about not having buttons on grid-cells, but my design and needs are very well met with having buttons in the grid)

    I'm creating a button in a grid-column via the...
  6. Thanks alot - that seems to be a very good solution. I will try it right away!

    [30sec later]
    I just realized that I have a lot of code centralized around the one and only store I'm using now....
  7. I have two comboboxes on a page. They are fed by the same store but I would like them to show different sub-sets from the store.

    I am thinking on paths like having the stores filtered when the...
  8. You are probably right, I will put this aside for some time and come back on it later.Thanks alot for trying out helping me!
  9. .

    Sorry, it was in my first post, I'm posting:

    remove : function(id) {
    existingRecord = connectedContacts.getById(id);
    if(existingRecord) {...
  10. Well, not really. But the record is picked from this store:

    var storeContacts = new{
    root: 'contacts',...
  11. Thanks for your effort!

    The problem is that the records are really removed from the store, but that is not reflected in the panel. The example provided is only used on a specific situation, in...
  12. This is a bit annoying. I have a JsonStore

    var connectedContacts = new{
    root: 'contacts',

    and a panel:
  13. Wrong forum, here is the correct post:
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    That link is very broken. Are there any other links for the download?
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    Some of our buttons are rendered really strange, they simply get striped. Does anyone know why this happens and what we can do about it. See attached image for a graphical representation of the...
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    My code is rather complex and I will take this shot before I break it out to give you an example.

    I have a Grid. From the grid I open a dialog box and from that dialog box another dialog box. The...
  17. And the sky went blue, no more starvation and all my problems was solved. Thanks for explaining this.
  18. Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately adding such eventlistener didn't help:

    readersStore.on('add',function() {
  19. I just can't get this to work, can someone just check where I'm failing. I'm obviously very blind.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">...
  20. Hehe, I gave that a quick try before posting but it didn't work. It was probably cached. Thanks!

    Anyway, now I get the dreaded console is undefined error in IE , do you know a good solution on...
  21. In IE or when firebug is disabled in firefox the "Ext Debug Console & Inspector" shows up instead. I guess this is greater than getting an error message, but it would be very handy if I could disable...
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    Thanks alot for your quick reply, it's really annoying getting stuck like I did.

    Either I'm brilliant or stupid. When I posted my code I cleaned it up a bit to make it more readable. This made it...
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    This is my simple code. My question is easy to ask, harder to answer: How can I set the variable editor from where I'm trying to do it. I have tried all kinds of this, and scopes etc but no luck.

  24. Thanks for that, then I know I'm on the right track. I don't know what I expected but since there are som many clever solutions in the Ext framework I didn't wann start coding off in the wrong...
  25. I have really fallen for the template approach, I'm using it everywhere right now. But now I'm doing some forms and would like to use templates for this aswell.
    My question is how I'm supposed to...
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