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    hello everybody
    i have a trouble about the add the filter on the TreeGrid
    i need your help.
    thanks !

    the treegrid like this image(in this image ,i click the node 1,the node 2 show, ...
  3. in gxt3.1 the example of the desktop
    the method
    public void addShortcut(Shortcut shortcut) {
    getDesktop().add(shortcut, new BoxLayoutData(new...
  4. change the FlowLayoutContainer to VerticalLayoutContainer
    like this:

    FlowLayoutContainer con = new FlowLayoutContainer();

    con.add(getToolBar(), new...
  5. i set the grid view like this:
    but when i click the Maximizable the window resize and the grid fit to the window size ...
  6. hi gays
    i want to get the value of the Combobox selected but i get the Label
    the client code is:
    public class AddRoleWindow extends MyWindow {
    private TreeLoader<RoleListWindow.JsonData>...
  7. thanks for you answer today i resolve the TreeGrid and the desktop add the shortcut problems.
  8. public class AsyncTreeGridExample implements IsWidget, EntryPoint {
    private final String URL_OF_PERMISSION_CLIENT = Const.SERVER + "permission!";
    interface TreeBundle extends...
  9. i have the same problem,are you solved ?
  10. yes,my means is that i want to get the child ,but the loader only connect the url one time.
    i guess it should like the Tree when the parent node expanded then connected the url and send the...
  11. how to get the child from the server.
    and the data is json data.
    but i can't get the child
    i guess the it like the Tree

    private TreeLoader<JsonData> createTreeLoader(){
  12. HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig> jsonProxy = new HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig>(requestBuilder) {
    protected String generateUrl(PagingLoadConfig loadConfig) {
  13. in gxt3 i want to set the Combox multiple select and i do like this:
    but it only select one .
    who know it?...
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    thanks for your answer.
    but i want to deployment the server in the tomcat and the client use the gxt3
    start in other web container(like this ,i can save the time)
    there are not method to resolve...
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    i have two module
    one as the server the url is and it start in tomcat
    and the other module is the client ( gxt3 ) named "permission"
    (RequestBuilder requestBuilder = new...
  16. thanks for your answer.
    i do like this :
    HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig> jsonProxy = new HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig>(requestBuilder){
    protected String generateUrl(PagingLoadConfig...
  17. HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig> jsonProxy = new HttpProxy<PagingLoadConfig>(requestBuilder){
    protected String generateUrl(PagingLoadConfig loadConfig) {
  18. the json data format have solved;
    but the new problem comming.
    when click the next page button of the PagingToolBar
    the offset how to Transferred to the sever;
    if use the method getOffset() ...
  19. it can show the data on the grid.
  20. i want to use the PagingLoader for the grid and the data is json
    so my problem is:
    1:the format of the json data
    how to create the Jsondata?
  21. i want to set the tree check single and i set the tree like this : tree.getSelectionModel().setSelectionMode(Style.SelectionMode.SINGLE);
    the result is not as my thinking.
    it still the multiple...
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    how to use the treestore
    hello everyone!
    i want to use the gxt3 tree but the childeren nodes i didn't know how to create
    my programs like this:
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    thks for all authers to give me the answer.
    i think i need introduce the thoughts of about control the widget.
    1:on the client by the user permission control the widget show or hide
    and the same...
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    first thank you for your answer.
    but i think you don't anderstand my means.
    because i want to control the widget show or hide by user's permission. and it on the client(gxt) .
    your code should run...
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    i want to control the widget show or hide by login user.
    such as a TextField and a TextButton on my page.if the user 'admin' login into the web system,she can see the TextButton. and the others...
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