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  1. Looks like this was mentioned in the Chrome issue tracker as well; I went ahead and added some info to that report. Hopefully this combination doesn't make it into Chrome stable.
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    I'm running in to this too. Until this is fixed, is there a reasonable way to override the legend item's text before it gets pushed into the legend? I'd be happy if I could use something like...
  3. Thank. Goodness. Aside from being able to pass a callback to a store's sync() method, this is the best piece of news I've heard about 4.1 thus far.

    In the mean time, on my charts which have...
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    I dug around a bit, and found that aChart.restoreZoom() works like a charm (assuming you have a reference to your chart in aChart). Not sure why this isn't documented and I wonder if this might...
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    I get the feeling this is for Ext 3.x ? It doesn't work in 4.
  6. Yes - is this possible in extjs 4? The setSeries method seems to be gone...
  7. I too am wondering how this is done. I'd like to avoid re-creating my chart from scratch each time I need to toggle a line. Is this even possible in extjs 4?
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