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  1. Please provide a working prototype. It will be helpful for people to see the actual problem.
  2. Can you please post the simple code to reproduce the issue?
  3. I see a way to set to different editors for different rows. Here is the example that uses combo box for the one row and normal editor for the next row for the same column.

  4. In GXT 2.2.5, there is a method on store: store.getSortField() which gives the field on which grid is currently sorted. I don't see this method in GXT 3.0.
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    When you scroll a grid, header is always visible. Check this example out:
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    Please provide a sample code where getValue() is not working
  7. com.extjs.gxt.samples is not inside the jars. You need to expand the file. You will find samples source in the folder gxt-2.2.5\samples.

    Go through the read me file 'setup.txt'. It...
  8. Hi Joshua

    The problem you are facing is not clear. If you provide a simple and complete prototype, it will be helpful for others to try it out and help you

  9. TreeGridEvent is extending from DOMEvent, which has the methods isControlKey(), isAltKey() etc. When firing BeforeExpand event, TreeGrid will not add the details about keys held down to the event...
  10. I used the source available in WEB-INF/classes folder. Now I am able to compile the project. Thanks Colin! Thanks everyone for responding.
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    Check out ListView. It offers multi selection
  12. You need to add selection model to the grid as a selection model and a plugin. Add these two lines of code:

  13. If you add title(heading) to the content panel in the specific border layout region, the title will be shown. This is the case with GXT 2.2.5. I think, it should work in GXT 3.0 as well.
  14. It is not the issue with AccordionLayout, but with com.sencha.gxt.explorer.client.thumbs.ExampleThumbs. It is defining image resources, but I don't find any image files in the package...
  15. Hi all

    I am trying to build eclipse project out of GXT 3.0 samples. It will help me in learning GXT 3.0 faster as I can play with the samples. (I had succeeded in creating eclipse project out of...
  16. It was not working actually. Instead of collapsing, it is not displaying the panel at all! Looks like GXT bug.
  17. I find collapse working. See the class com.extjs.gxt.samples.client.examples.layouts.BorderLayoutExample in the GXT Examples. Added this line at the end of the method #onRender()

  18. Hi Pramod
    Please provide the working sample so that people can run it and try to help you

  19. I verified this in IE 8.7601.17514. Could not reproduce the problem. My GXT version is 2.2.5 and GWT 2.4. Can you provide the complete working sample?
  20. The cell editor you have used for the 'combo box' column does not override preProcessValue() and postProcessValue() methods. Refer the GXT examples. This is the reason you are getting those...
  21. Please post EnumTest class. It might be of some help
  22. Then make sure that EnumTest is a type of ModelData. You can do this by making EnumTest extend BaseModelData(which implements ModelData).
  23. It is not clear what you want to do. Please post a working prototype which will be helpful for others to try out and help you.
  24. Change

    final SimpleComboBox<EnumTest>permissionComboBox = new SimpleComboBox<EnumTest>();


    final SimpleComboBox<String> permissionComboBox = new SimpleComboBox<String>();
  25. Looks like it is a bug.
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