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  1. Dear all,

    I have an issue with Safari when I try to access the following data from a JsonStore when being used in a combobox.
    It does work fine in Firefox, result in console is the value of the...
  2. Well, lucky I found the issue:

    I did make use of an extended "markDirty" function overriding the Ext.form.Field class to also work on unsupported field types. I may have to recheck my definition...
  3. I noticed the following behavior when clicking the select item of a comboBox when displayed within a window:

    Loading the window looks as expected (image 01)
    Before the dropdown list appears,...
  4. Thank's Animal,
    this did the job!
  5. Thank's - it works fine for me too.

    1. I added a function "markClean":

    function markClean (item) {
    if (item.dirtyIcon) {
  6. I discovered my grid does not update if reloading the store returns an empty result:

    I am using a HTTPProxy with a JsonReader. After I added a bbar including a combobox with predefined values...
  7. Looks like the eventhandler 'beforeclose' or 'afterclose' does not work with tabs.
    Using 'listeners: { destroy: closeConfigGrid }' works well!
  8. Well, just a minor missunderstanding: I asked myself if the listener has been created at all?! I therefore simply removed the function "closeConfigGrid" - which returns an error "function not...
  9. I'm trying to add a listener to a dynamic created tab. The event should hide the specific tabpanel when the last tab will be closed.

    I tried the following - which does not work:

  10. Hi,

    thank's so far for a few hints a got so far in earlier request or through other threads!
    Unfortunately, so far I was not able to find a solution to the following:

    I have multiple TAB's...
  11. If anyone looks for a similar problem - check your code for the "scope".

    Thank's to BernardChhun!
  12. Hi, I'd like to switch the active TAB by clicking on a row inside the nested GRID.

    1. On the main page, the TAB's are loaded as follows:

    var tabs = {
    init : function(){
    // second...
  13. Replies
    Simply apply the "loadScripts" to the updater object - not to the TAB itself:

    updater.loadScripts = true;
  14. Hi Bernard,

    thank's for the advice. Yes, for the serverside that's no problem. I'm checking the POST var's already and build the SQL statement accordingly.

    But I simply can't neither overwrite...
  15. First of all: thank's for the Framework and thank's to the people keeping the forum alive!

    Having some background with XML, XSLT and CMS - I just started using frameworks to benefit from all the...
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