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  1. This sounds like an issue I just discovered today with 2.2.5. When we have a total count of items in the LiveGrid that is close to the cache size we have a problem if we scroll to the end of the grid...
  2. my situation is similar, I passed a store to a Listfilter and the store contains thousands of rows with duplicate values, I prefer listFilter can only show those unique values in filter list. does...
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    >There is a year limitation on support, but not the license.

    OK, perhaps I overreacted. Still, I'm not feeling a lot of reassurance now that
    the commercial licensing terms won't be changed...
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    >And furthermore, it's a ty year-long license

    I missed that. That's bad. That's really bad!

    We were looking at using ExtJS for projects that would require at least one man-year
    of effort....
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    I'm shocked at this change from LGPL to GPL.

    I spent a good part of three months advocating use of ExtJS within our organization.
    LGPL was a huge selling point. We would likely have bought a...
  6. >I guess the real "secret" is to move as much logic to the client as possible.

    I agree with devnull's statement 100%.

    The power of Ext along with a good understanding of Javascript can simplify...
  7. Here is what I do to load display modules into my application shell. This allows
    my application to scale pretty much unbounded with very fast startup time:

  8. I'm experiencing a problem when I close a tab containing an EditorGridPanel that has a combobox editor active in a cell.

    GridView.ensureVisible() fails at line 29961:

    if(row < 0 || row...
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    I like ditech's idea, but as noted by the poster above, it doesn't quite work.

    There seems to be a problem trying to reuse instances of the fields. One way I made it work is to instantiate a new...
  10. I'm not sure about dynamically allocating space for the scrollbar based on the data, but if you have a fixed number of items in your grid, and you know you won't need scrollbars, you could do...
  11. I have the following simple PropertyGrid:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    Ext.get(document.body).update('<div id="props"></div>');

    new Ext.grid.PropertyGrid({
  12. I tried this fix thinking it might solve another problem I'm having with editor cells
    in my PropertyGrid becoming broken when Firefox loses and regains focus.

    It didn't fix the problem I am...
  13. I'm having the exact same problem.

    I have Panels with border layouts contained in a TabPanel. In IE 6 and IE 7 when I hide/unhide the TabPanel or resize the Viewport, the Panels contained in the...
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