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  1. I've been playing recently with grid grouping example by adding the ability to edit the cells inside the grouped grid. Also, I added the paging toolbar to the grid, but I believe that grouping and...
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    I'm not sure what you mention under the "column size"
    If you mean width of the column, you can specify it as style of each yField in series definition

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    As it's known, the CKEditor uses iframe to display the content, therefore you cannot "catch" when data are changed using the standard methods

    This is a little "trick" that might be useful when...
  4. I doubt the fui variable is visible inside the handler
    Place the breakpoint there in Firebug and you'll see
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    This is not a question, but rather small instructions for whom it may concern based on my recent experience.

    Ext.Window may have a link to WindowGroup manager. This feature allows to organize...
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    no, the desktop demo you use doesn't allow to do that
    as far as I know the latest version should provide the ability to have toolbar on bottom and on top (haven't tried if it works actually), but...
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    Hi All,

    Being based on example of file upload at , I have created one of my own allowing to place file input in one form and submit...
  8. Hopefully, it looks like I figured this out
    I found the duplicated IDs in the code, and after I changed them to be unique throughout the code, the jumping disappeared.
    The funny point is that the...
  9. I agree with you about the complexity of the code
    From the other side, how could it be possible that the same complex code works well when I just change "autoScroll" from "true" to "false" in one...
  10. It's a part of CMS with *huge* heep of code.
    As far as I extract the code so that you can reproduce the bug, I'll send it to forum
  11. I tried recently and it doesn't work either, bug remains
    The only way is to disable autoScroll
  12. I have the same problem with jumpy tree, and fixes above didn't help, it still jumps
    The only solution that really works for me is to set autoScroll to false
    I use ExtJS 2.2
    So, I don't think...
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