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  1. ExtJs version - 4.1.1 Code here : // Tree...

    ExtJs version - 4.1.1

    Code here :

    // Tree View
    treeRuleSet = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    store: treeStore,
    rootVisible: false,
    height: 562,
    title: 'Select a RuleSet',
  2. Expand Particular Node in Tree Panel on Load

    Hi Sencha,

    I am facing an issue

    There are five nodes ( Production , Archieved, Draft, PendingReview, Rejected) in a Tree Panel Store. Based on the some conditions, i want to expand Production...
  3. How to replace one panel by another in Ext.Windows

    Hi SenchaI have two panels QryInfoPnl1 and QryInfoPnl2. I am adding QryInfoPnl1 in Ext.Windows items by default. but i want to replace panel1 by panel2 on the button event which is present in the...
  4. How to count the number or records present in the TreePanel

    Hi Sencha,I am using a TreePanel where we show the records in the treepanel on the button submission. I want to get the number of records present in tree. I am unable to fetch this. My code below:
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    Hi Sencha,Still getting the null value after...

    Hi Sencha,Still getting the null value after setting baseParams:
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    Set param value in data.HttpProxy

    Hi Sencha,How i set the param value in Is there any alternative way to set which i m not doing here. Currently this value is getting null in our code behind side.var...
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