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  1. Worked! Thank you!

    Thank you sincerely that worked!
  2. SebasSP sincere thanks for your reply can you...

    SebasSP sincere thanks for your reply can you show me exactly how you would apply this?

    I tried your suggestion as follows:

    xtype: 'video',
    itemId: 'vplayer',
    title: 'video...
  3. passing data and how to access it correctly

    Hello all, any help for a nubee greatly appreciated.

    I am passing data successfully to a view via the following code:

    itemtap: function (list, index, target, record) {
  4. desperately need help passing data to 'VIDEO' correctly

    Please excuse me if this seems like a redundant question, however, i have searched the Sencha Touch QA to no avail. I am a nubee here, so I'm looking for best practice and correct way to do the...
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