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  1. Possible To implement content difference functionality in GXT

    Hi All,

    I need to implement functionality like showing the difference between the content,
    something like Diff between new data and old data (example :
  2. I am doing all conversion on server side. Now I...

    I am doing all conversion on server side. Now I have a image
  3. How to create a ImageResource from byte.

    I had a requirement to show custom image
    1. while creating a form I had a option to upload image.
    2. On form submit saving the image to database as blob object.
    3. While showing form details...
  4. Problem with comboBox data into EditorGridPanel

    Hi all,

    I have a problem while loading data into EditorGridPanel

    my editorgridPanel contains of 2 columns

    column1 : Id ( editor : numberField)
    column1 : country ( editor : comboBox)
  5. Hi all, I found the solution. to get the...

    Hi all,

    I found the solution.

    to get the displayField value

  6. How to get both ValueField and displayField value in comboBox

    Hi all,

    I am need to get both valueField and displayField values,

    my Jsonstore returns a jsonArray like

    Fields : ['countryId','countryName']
    data : [[0,'india'],[1,'canada'] ....]
  7. How to load extjs datagrid in beteen a JSP page.

    Hi all,

    I am working in extjs and Spring MVC.

    I have written a extjs datagrid which needs to loaded in between a jsp page.
    at present the grid is been loaded after complete jsp page is...
  8. How to write grid data into JSONObject.

    hi all,

    I am working on extjs and spring mvc.

    1. I am writing a web page which contains editorgridpanel with two buttons ( Add Record, Delete Record) and columns of (country, city, address...
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