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  1. Will Ext 6 come with new documentation system instead js duck?
  2. Thank you for sharing. Excellent job!
  3. Thanks for sharing.

    Will theme-material be part of Ext Js 6 GA release or a 3rd party theme package?

    Don't forget to tell us when code is availble. :)
  4. I would like to see calendar releases updates for Ext 5 and Ext 6, but seems to be abandoned. :(
  5. I guess you will be faster if you create a new app using sencha cmd 6 and copy paste you old app folder to new Ext 6 dirs.
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    I think CDN is only for GA releases.
  7. I have upgraded Sencha CMD to 6.0.0 and now aditional cache files doesn't add in generated cache.appcache

    * Used to automatically generate cache.manifest (HTML 5 application...
  8. Thanks!
  9. Why this bug is closed? already fixed in nightly builds?
    any override to share?
  10. I have the same problem for CREATE operation in batch. I return from server clientId and new id from response data array but grid cell keeps dirty with red triagule.

    Did you save your problem?
  11. Could you tell us what config properties are available in 'inverse" config.
    At time I Know that can be a String or Object (storeConfig, what more???)

    inverse : String/Object (optional)The name of...
  12. Ext 5.1.0 gpl
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 40
    DOCTYPE tested against:


    When using a bound store with a grid the load mask does not show while the store is...
  13. This bug seems to be present in 5.1.0.

    Grid doesn't load mask on first load when store is bound via "bind" config.
    Any solution?
  14. I have tryied set this in production config

    "production": {
    "loader": {
    "cache": "${build.timestamp}"
    and in cache config added same files
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  16. Thanks!, you solve my problem.
  17. Good!
  18. Huahua, you made the wrong way. don't copy and past sdk files manually. use Sencha CMD

    Follow theses steps and be happy, or pay me a Coca Cola : )

    1 - Download GPL version...
  19. Hum, something was made wrong, let's solve your problem!

    Did you manualy download Ext JS 5.1.0 gpl from sencha's site?
    How did you upgrade your sdk?
    Via sencha cmd command?
    What command?
  20. If you are sure you have the GPLversion inside your project, please consider running sencha app build to recompile the theme scss. I don't have this problem with GPL versions

    Hope can help you!
  21. Is Sencha CMD ready to make Ext JS apps compatible with cache Manifest? I really need to cache app.js in manifest file via Sencha CMD like sencha touch apps does. Any solution to make it...
  22. I ask again after some months, Is Sencha CMD ready to make Ext JS apps compatible with cache Manifest. I really need to cache app.js in manifest file via Sencha CMD like sencha touch apps...
  23. this bug keep since 4.2.1 and was reported here

    this is my fiddle

    Any override for this please?
  24. auto login example please?
  25. Actualy who is looking for this, I suggest to upgrade Sencha CMD to lastest versions and aprecciate the new app.json config option called"output" ;
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