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  1. Hmm. This doesn't feel right but I'm not sure what kind of behavior would be right for this. Native range input does nothing when I click its label. Is this what you'd like to have?
  2. This should be fixed in 6.2.
  3. I do too; keeping a separate Chrome instance just for the docs works for me. I even assigned it a different icon so that it stands out in the Dock.

    I understand where you're coming from but...
  4. What happened to the browser tabs in your favorite browser?
  5. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  6. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  7. Well I have no intention to start an argument either, so just for the sake of explanation.

    Firstly, the reason we add role="application" to the document body in the Viewport component is mostly...
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    Try alert role instead:

    ariaRole: 'alert',
    html: 'Hello there',
    header: false,
    align: 't'
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    Sorry, you probably missed the last part because it was edited in after I hit Submit button and realized that I never addressed the original question. :)

    As for usability testing, I'm not even...
  10. The "Ext JS Slow Because Of Fat DOM" myth is quite popular despite being completely nonsensical. Have you tried to look closely at the markup in question? Most of it is element attributes, namely...
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    Usability is a vague term; what feels good and comfortable to one person might feel totally unusable to another. We try to stick to accessible design patterns instead as described in WAI-ARIA spec:...
  12. I don't. This markup was generated and rendered into the DOM programmatically; who cares how many bytes it takes in HTML representation? You don't have to edit this HTML manually, so why should its...
  13. I read your post several times but still can't understand if that's a question or just a rant. If there's a question, please post your code and provide more detail on what the problem is.
  14. The setting is ariaRole:

    Ext.define('Myapp.view.Viewport', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Viewport',

    ariaRole: null
  15. @smoolman,

    We try to accommodate for WAI-ARIA requirements as much as we can but this is one of the cases where we don't provide a clear cut solution out of the box, relying instead on the...
  16. @philweigeomatics,

    Could you provide a Fiddle please?
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    Not to hijack this insightful thread but if building a grid with cell editing that accounts for editors potentially being iframed documents, with all the ensuing focusing mayhem, and in cross-browser...
  18. Hi Robert,

    We had an internal discussion about this back in the day, and ultimately decided that text field triggers should only be used for pointer/touch interaction, and possibly as visual cues....
  19. I totally agree with what Evan said about beforedestroy event, and that it shouldn't be cancelable.

    Having said that, what you see is a bug and I just happen to work on a branch that will fix it....
  20. Have you tried to declare that function to accept named arguments? Use "params: []" instead of "len".
  21. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  22. We recommend using Ext JS 6 for accessibility support. As far as I can tell, the next Architect release should include support for Ext 6.x but unfortunately I don't know when it is going to be...
  23. I know Ext Direct spec pretty well, mostly because I wrote it. ;) Event objects are defined in the Event polling section, but you want to return Events intermixed with Remoting responses. Technically...
  24. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  25. Sending events via Remoting responses is an interesting concept, and I can see where it can be useful. I don't think this is supported at the moment, so not handling these events is not a bug. You...
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