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  1. Had already reported it before posting here. I should have referenced the post though

    Note. the same change is needed on line...
  2. Thanks for the help Rahul, but it did not stop the error.

    Not much info on google searches, but it appears to happen with some of the google visualization api stuff as well with null/empty...
  3. I'd been using the old version for quite a while in testing and decided to try and update to latest version and am running into a strange error when testing on Chrome

    I'm getting the error message...
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    Ran into a similar problem and I just created an override for the validate method. I also prefer getting the selected values back as an array instead of a string. Below is the override I'm using for...
  5. What I posted was for 3.2.1 as the override is just a simple expansion on the std code for findField in the BasicForm class.

    I've 'fixed' what I posted so that the checked radio in a radio group...
  6. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2.1

    Adapter used:

  7. @jsakalos
    Apologies, I assumed this thread was already in bugs as I'd read on page one that it was being moved to Bugs. I'll repost to bugs as soon as I can put a test case together.
  8. Same problem still exists in 3.2.1 so I thought I'd just add my overrides here for anyone who runs into the same problem.

    // add type flag to RadioGroup
    Ext.override(Ext.form.RadioGroup, {
  9. Hi Talha,

    Probably not a good idea to use the HighchartPanelJson any more. It was really just a test hack of an idea and should not be considered stable by any means.

    The work @buz is doing now...
  10. Thanks @buz,

    Yes, I used the newer version, but was still having some issues (maybe my code :-?) with getting clean resizing in nested fit layout in an app I'm working on;
    ----------- north...
  11. Thanks @buz / Daniël,

    I've been plugging away at the idea of actually using a as the backend for the chart (as per earlier post).

    I've made a few changes to your updated...
  12. Yep, it should.
  13. Sounds great. I've also posted to the HighCarts board asking about an issue with creating charts with an empty series array. This is critical when you want to handle the series adds/removes based on...
  14. The attached contains an experimental replacement for Ext.ux.HighchartPanel.js using a Json Store for controlling the lines on a chart.

    Also attached is an example file which can be dropped into...
  15. The following allows for the hideLoading() method of Chart to work correctly. There was no definition for opacity modifications in the animate: and the Highcharts passes a function in ...
  16. @buz

    Well, it seems the fix prevents the redraw of the graph, but unfortunately that does not solve my problem.

    I've opted to go with the shallow copy of the series and re-applying them to the...
  17. Thanks @buz, far more efficient than what I was doing in copying series to temp location and re-adding them to the config :-P

    One bug, need to add

    chart.calculatePositions = calculatePositions;...
  18. Hitting a problem with the current implementation of the renderChart method in Ext.ux.HighchartPanel.js

    Hoping someone has an idea of how to fix the behavior.

    Use case:
    Create base line graph...
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    Sounds great. Can someone elaborate as to whether it's 'ok' to actually include the full highcharts.src.js with the examples? Reason I ask is that it'll obviously be easier for everyone than applying...
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    I thought I'd try and contribute a teeny bit back here. I've ported the standard examples in the highchart distribution to the Ext example format, and there is a patch file included for applying your...
  21. Thanks Mystix,

    certainly a lot cleaner (and yeah, was typo in example).

  22. I run into a couple of cases where I needed to include/exclude values from a row in the summary calculation. The code is not the prettiest, but maybe someone wants to improve.

    In brief: I added a...
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    Hi Jean Marie,

    Sorry to jump into your thread, but had just finished writing a post to the forum on this specific problem and thought it better to add my questions to yours than start a whole new...
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