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  1. This is not Ext JS bug but issue when you are using Firebug + Firefox 21!topic/firebug/Ts55WEIBco8

    I solved this by downgrading to Firefox 20
  2. Any news about this bug?
    This bug should have higher priority. It is quite a big problem when you have application with floating windows.
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    If I diff -ent and non -ent files I see that in the -ent files are included new amf and soap proxies.
  4. Solution is described in documentation:!/api/Ext.form.Basic-method-hasUpload
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    Hi Zombeerose,
    is it in your version supported Drag and Drop uploader?
    In your attachment there isn't Ext.ux.XHRUpload class and the original one is not able to run under Extjs 4
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