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  1. Hi,
    i have a gridpanel (actually i have 3 gridpanels within a container, but like to keep it simple to describe my issue) and when i collapse the panel it leaves a white pane. Now, what i would like...
  2. Dear Support,
    is there any indication how long it will take until someone will have a look and hopefully a fix?
  3. @watertrac_dev

    Thank you for the effort. How do we go from here? How could we raise the interest of a Sencha expert?

  4. Hello,
    I have a DataView and added 'Ext.ux.DataView.Animated' as a plugin in order to animate the rearranging of the images that I have in my DataView.

    Ext.define('MyTT.view.BHomePanel', {
  5. Hi,
    did you find a solution?
  6. Hi,
    when i try to package a little app (has just one field with a label) from archtiect (for iOS Simulator) I receive the following error message:

    Copy operation failed...
  7. Hi Don,
    as suggested I added those 3 classes to the "requires" list which "did the trick". But now I get new error messages upon loading.

    [E] Ext.panel.Table.initComponent(): A column...
  8. Hi Don,
    after fixing the first error, I also fixed the second one by editing the generated all-classes.js. The issue is obviously that the content of Spacer.js is not part of the generated...
  9. Here you go. Your support is much appreciated.
  10. Do you mean a debug log during the compile?
  11. Hi,
    I started all over again and now the command produced a myclasses.js.

    Now when I run the index.html in Chrome I receive the following messages and the page does not load.

  12. Hi Don,

    I followed your advice and copied .sencha folder from a freshly generated App and then ran the command (copied from my console):

    sencha compile union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out...
  13. Ran the command as follows:

    sencha compile union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out myclasses.js

    Same result. Empty file.

  14. Hi,
    here are the responses and attached is the log.
    Re 1: yes.
    Re 2: yes. .sencha/app has build-impl.xml, plugin.xml and sencha.cfg; .sencha/workspace has plugin.xml and sencha.cfg
    Re 3: the one...
  15. Hi,
    I understand, but the problem was that the log contained more than 10,000 lines and the text file was ca. 2.5MB in size which I wasnt able to upload. If you provide an email address I can send...
  16. Hi,
    the command line is as follows:

    sencha -debug compile -classpath=ext/src,app union -r -file app/app.js and concat -out myclasses.js

    The log is attached. I have removed most entries that...
  17. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I am just doing the compile step.

    sencha compile -classpath=app.ext/src pahe -yui -in ./index-in.html -out ./index.html
    Now I was expecting that the new index.html...
  18. Hi,
    tried the command with my app. Runs thru without errors, but myclasses.js is empty. ANy idea why?
  19. Hi,
    I hope I learned my lesson and will follow the guidelines for reporting a bug.

    Cmd Version:
    OS: MacOS X 10.8.2
    Framework: 4.1.1a

    I have build an app that runs w/o...
  20. Well, after reading more posts and starting from scratch again I found the main issue which is that Sencha Architect is generating a proper file structure for later use with Cmd.

    So it means that...
  21. Just to make sure I created a simple App with Sencha Architect 2.1 and then compiled it in the same manner. Result is very similar (just other JS classes).

    [ERROR] Circular requires reference...
  22. Hi,
    after many hours of reviewing posts and docs I finally get this message. Any hint is appreciated.

    Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.181
    [INFO ] Compiling page null
    [INFO ] Processing...
  23. Hi,
    as always it helps to see that others have the same issues. Unfortunately I do not see a solution (also not on STackOverflow). Would be really great if someone would have the kindness to explain...
  24. Yes, that was exactly the reason why I wanted to switch everything to AJAX, but unfortunately as I tried to explain the relating Stores and Panels (Treepanel and Dataview) are not supplied with the...
  25. Well, it looks like i wasn't able to describe the issue in enough detail. So, I try again:

    AJAX-proxy does NOT work with treepanel and dataview on any platforms I tested.

    JSONP-proxy does NOT...
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