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  1. It's been quite long but I know for a fact I'm no longer using DataMap. I went for using "updateRecord" method in all of my DataViews because then you can do exactly what you want with the highly...
  2. Was hoping to see this in the latest version but still not possible
  3. Hey, as the title says, I'm going through someone else's project and converting the ID values to itemId as I believe it's safer/better when you hit multiple things like "username" for fieldnames etc....
  4. Cool, I wasn't aware that setting card or fit on it's parent gave it a height, thanks

    It seems this is actually the same thread where we spoke about setScrollable(null) not working :P
  5. neither this.setScrollable(null); nor component.setScrollable(null); works, I'm sure this was highlighted in another thread :P

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyContainer', {
  6. It's when I'm inside the one of the fields and typing something like:

    "inputFieldValidation" then if I make a mistake and I press backspace with little finger still lingering on shift, the whole...
  7. Hey, I just noticed that the shortcut for deleting a component on Mac is Shift + Backspace, I'm accidentally deleting my components all the time as I'm writing.

    I use shift to uppercase and if I...
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    I believe that will be for Windows, do you know where the license file exists within OSX?

    I looked through keychain but don't really see anything there to do with Architect, also searched for...
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    Hey, I've just left one company who bought a previous license. Now I'm at a new place who have bought me a license as well... I signed into Architect on this Mac and can't find any way to "signout"...
  10. I've not seen this dialog pop up in quite a while. Saw it happen once but never again after that. Using the sencha stuff to generate everything.

    Edit: sorry it seems my function name became...
  11. Having issues with architect corrupting my SVN files.

    Everytime I save my architect folder and do an svn commit it compains about something along the lines of:

    Transmitting file data...
  12. The ability to specify null wasn't added in SA 2.2 :(

    Still having to do it on initialize method and that doesn't seem to work. (I could try nightly build but something else always dies when I try...
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    glad it was my company and not me who paid for the previous one
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    For using with Arcitect you just add a custom parameter on everything like a button:

    locales: {
    text: "Register"

    You won't see your text within Architect, apparently they're sorting...
  15. 2.1.1 complains about requiring null instead of false

    Neither of setScrollable(null) setScrollable(false) work on DataViews
  16. Hmm, doesn't seem to work.

    Setting scrollable: null in the config works but this.setScrollable(null); within initializer event doesn't. If I look at the inner it has .x-scroll-scroller which is...
  17. as title says, it's not possible to set scrollable to null as 2.1.1 is now warning me about.
  18. In regards to the above post, I also don't see it in any of the releases since this was declared "fixed". I've got a feeling it's being held back so 2.2 can be declared as having many performance...
  19. Theeee actual sencha touch startupImage values are still inconsistent and wrong as well:

    '320x460': 'resources/startup/320x460.jpg',
    '640x920': 'resources/startup/640x920.png',

    When it's...
  20. +1
    Chrome 24.0.1312.56
  21. Hey, not sure if this is absolutely required on iOS but I was using a different directory structure for my images (as I'm doing whitelabel/skinning of our application).

    I noticed this was...
  22. Hey, was looking around le web to find 2.2 alpha uploaded for testing on my mate's Windows 8 phone but couldn't find anything, so uploaded it for people to look at:
  23. Status is currently set to: Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for TOUCH-3801 in Sprint 28.

    Is there any additional information around what...
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    Need to use locale changing within an itemTpl... anyone come up with anything yet for this that they're cool to share?

    For instance:

    // In other HTML text I did something like {{Text to...
  25. I think it depends on how much are in your dataviews. I have quite a large DOM because my DataViews are heavily nested looping through all of the data and printing it out.

    I basically have:
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