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  1. looks like the author of this great plug-in is not supporting it any more.
    Here is a little fix for my problem; it might not be correct way of doing this, but it fixes the submit bug that I...
  2. you need to modify checkcolumn to fix this

    var record = (view.xtype == 'treeview') ? :,
  3. checkcolumn assumes store is a regular store not a tree store, so the following line throws an error.

    var record =,
    in checkcolumn.js processEvent event...
  4. Hello,
    it won't submit data

    { id: 'Sektorler'
    , renderTo: 'Sektorler_combo'
    , allowBlank: true
    , width: 320
    , selectOnFocus: true
    ,name: 'SektorlerValues'
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    couple of problems with the grid editing, first one I am using cellediting plugin, and have a couple of combobox editor columns. simple question; how do I force the editor combobox to be...
  6. Yes, it does have ID field in the json data. but record's data object does not have a value for the Id property, it is simply stored in property.

  7. does not have the property which is set as the idProperty, altough the fields collection has it. Which causes some trouble, so is there a way of using the idProperty and keeping it also...
  8. In each editor field configuration, setting selectOnFocus:true takes care of the problem.
  9. hello,
    I want the values in the cells to be highlighted when I start editing a cell in a grid.

    Using Ext 3.3 , CellSelectionModel
    Any easy way of doing this?

    Thanks, Hazım
  10. Hello, I am using Ext JS 3.3.1

    I have a pretty complex page, and I cannot change the order of initializiton of the objects.

    In one of my init functions, I need a grid/store/combobox but the...
  11. Hello,
    I am working w/ Ext 3.3
    How can I do conditional value checking, on the package level, like
    if person is married, require spouse name, otherwise let it be blank.

    The solution...
  12. okay, this time it is a remote combo.

    I have both cityID (Guid) & CityName(text) fields in the grids store.

    Grid column is set on the CityId field with a ComboBox editor with a remote store,...
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    that makes sense, I needed something like Renderer to pickup the template but DataView does not have it, using GridPanel makes more sense for this, thanks:)
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    I am trying to develop a FilterEditor using ExtJS.
    user creates some range, comparison, null/notnull criterias and I need to present them in a well-formatted format, so that users can read...
  15. I am using this w/ 3.3.1
    and I included

    I am not seeing any checkboxes:) do I need to include anything more? What could be the...
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    How is my server going to know if it needs to return the metadata, I dont want to return the metadata on each call, coz I am going to be using this with a remote combo.
    so maybe pass something in...
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    how does jsonreader ask for the metadata, if we do not configure it initially.

    is there a form value or query param indicating that the store is asking for the metadata.
  18. this works, thx Condor.
  19. all of a sudden, this is not working, id is returning null.
  20. Yes, thanks Condor.
  21. Hello,
    on an EditorGridPanel, I set up some columns to use ComboBox'es.

    It all works fine, only the grid shows the value field, which is reasonable I guess, what is the best way to set up the...
  22. Actually this was what I was hoping, but it was not working because apparently I was not configuring the reader properly. The reader actually works now and everything looks much better , because I...
  23. One thing I found out in the store configuration is;

    ,reader: new{
    totalProperty: 'rowCount'
    ,rootProperty: 'data'
    ,successProperty: 'success'
  24. This is a common grid/store scenario.
    The only difference is I serialize the first page of data on the store and I try to load the next pages on demand. So it is a json data store in fact, but with...
  25. My problem was with Ext'ifying the form object I guess. This code works fine now;

    var form = Ext.get(Ext.query("form")[0].id);
    form.createChild("<input type='hidden'...
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