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  1. Hi
    Awesome uploader is great but the problem is that flash has some error on sending the session and cookie (in firefox or chrome... except IE), so i found a solution to fix this problem is that...
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    i also have this error tbat.insertAt is not a function. how can i fix it?
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    Do u find its soln if so pls provide it here
  4. Try this it works for me
    var filters = new Array();
    function property(pro,val) {;
    this.value = val;

    var regex = new...
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    I downloaded the extension from the link provided in first page. it did not contain assertValue function.
    Currently by using this control as grid editor it shows values when we try to edit the cell...
  6. This is what i actually want, but i can not understand in what format you pass the property store speicially when we want to show date or comboboxes,
    Can you post your full code, it will be great...
  7. Thanks it solve my problem
  8. Hi
    i want to filter a store on selecting value from combo. when i select first value it does not filter it but on selecting anyother value 2nd time it works well my store has autoLoad=true here is...
  9. i found soln in this thread
  10. Hi
    i have 2 accounts with same title my data is like Account No AccountTitle Town 60 Shahansha Flour Mill MTN 64 Shahansha Flour Mill LHR

    when i show such data in combo it shows me 2 entries of...
  11. When I create two window objects containing single textfield object in each window. But Id of that text field is same. When I re-size, maximize or minimize window object, controls move from one...
  12. Hi
    i m using array store instead of jsonstore to reduce the response size. On server side i m using Web serviceC#. it works fine when i dnt pass parameters and load the grid but when i want to pass...
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