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  1. Yep I did and just because of this issue I had to totally strip my machine and reinstall windows
    Would be nice to have the code of JSBuilder. Could have saved me a few hours.
  2. JSBuilder crashed on me when latest updates of win XP were installed today.
    The error report states it's related to system.xml.xmlexception.

    Any idea?
  3. Thanks animal for bumping this thread. Bump!
    Not supporting url as the action of standardSubmit:true is counterintuitive
    from my perspective.
  4. What version of extjs are you using?
  5. I've created an extension based on the implementations found in this thread.
    To get the extension up and running a demo is included as part of the download.

    The extension can be found over here
  6. Currently getValue and setValue of Checkbox and RadioGroup return nothing.
    The reason is quite simple. They are not implemented!!
    This extension provides the implemention of these methods.
  7. Thanks for your extensive and indepth feedback!
    Your absolutely right on the radio buttons and checkboxes. I will look into this
    and include it in the next release. About remark 5. That's doable. ...
  8. Especially for large and dynamic forms the property nameSpace is introduced.
    The property nameSpace set on a field or fieldset will bound the component to a named collection,
    as part of the total...
  9. Thanks for the update. Posted a request for information on how to bubble events to implement this behaviour over here
  10. cloning fields and fieldsets are supported and tested on both IE and FF
    cloning a panel is not supported
  11. Thanks for the quick update.
    When this is a bug indeed please move it.
  12. if a field is added to a formpanel, the field will also be added to the underlying basicform.
    if a field is added to a fieldset, that's part of a formpanel, the field is not added to the basicform....
  13. Thanks for your feedback. Both fields and fieldsets can be cloned.
    You can set the current amount of clones by :

  14. Ever wanted a form to be a bit more dynamic.
    Like being able to add a field or fieldset more than once.
    This is how you do it :

    All type of fields are supported :

    { fieldLabel: 'First...
  15. Ever wanted to add an icon next to a form field of any type?
    Just to be able to add some behaviour like context specific help or some dynamics
    like adding or removal of a form field. Well now you...
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    {xtype : 'fieldset',
    title: 'Details',
    border : true,
    items :[
    {fieldLabel: 'First Name',
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    Many thanks for your indepth response.
    I will introduce the changes you've proposed.
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    Different tables.

    A bit more background information.
    Usually I write a REST based backend for my Extjs applications.
    These webservices consume and produce json.
    Once that's established I use...
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    Just as a starter.

    To extract the values. Take a look at formPanel.getForm().getValues().
    Usually I extract these values on submit of the form.

    Currently I am using spring, hibernate,...
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    Currently I use google charts for all of my charts. Based on a HTTP GET and a parameterized URL you can retrieve a chart.
    Did you somehow consider this as a solution?
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    This actually depends on you your prefered language & framework.
    Nowadays I use a REST based webservice that handles all my server side communication
    The webservice is called by using the...
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    Thanks for your positive feedback. The latest version fires an event when you reach max number iterations.
  23. Thanks for your positive feedback!
    In the meanwhile I've extended this example a bit and posted
    the latest version as an extension/plugin. The extension/plugin contains a bit more functionality.
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    Ever wanted to just dynamically add a few additional fields to your form.
    Or maybe even set an array of values like

  25. Ever faced the problem of how to dynamically add/clone/remove fields of a form?
    A small extension and plugin were created to resolve this issue.
    Just add the configuration option dynamic : true to...
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