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  1. Ok
    thank you, i will use my workaround.
  2. NullPointer Exception with this code:

    StringFilter nameFilter = new StringFilter("name");

    I expect i should do something like
    StringFilter nameFilter = new...
  3. Replies
    Hi, in, "Filters" is not translated
    checkFilterItem = new CheckMenuItem("Filters");
    FYI: In french, the translation is "Filtres"

    In, "emptyText" is not...
  4. Thank you for your quick answer/fix.

    Can you let me know when the "helper method" will be implemented?
  5. Hi.
    I have found a bug in Date Filter (On same date comparison doesn't work as expected)

    In file:
    Replace: if (afterItem.isChecked() && onMenu.getDate() != null) {
    by: if...
  6. Hi,

    Sometimes during a drag and drop, the start column has a bad value

    protected void onDragStart(DragEvent de) {
    startCol = getColumn(de.getClientX());
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