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  1. Ah, okay yeah I'll just disable it after render, cause I only want it on some fields. Thank you.
  2. I couldn't find an answer on the subject, how do you get a browser to use it's built-in auto complete on a textfield inside of a form? They look like normal text input boxes and the one on this...
  3. I just recently used the features filter and I noticed when you filter a column it'll change that columns header to be italic, which is a great feature. I also noticed if you did that to a column...
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    Oh, I figured it should be possible. What would be the correct event?
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    I figured it out, I didn't realize I to use addSelectionChangedListener, not addListener -

    comboField.addSelectionChangedListener(new SelectionChangedListener<ToggleTrackTypeObject>()...
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    I'm trying to use Event.ONCHANGE for when a user selects a different option in a combobox but that does not seem to be working

    comboField.addListener(Event.ONCHANGE, new...
  7. I'd say it should probably be moved to help since it's not really a bug so much as user error...
  8. Wow I just spent all morning trying to figure that out :">

    I was really convinced that it was a bug, I couldn't figure out why this wasn't working in IE, thank you though.
  9. I found some weird issue in IE, if you have a DualListField inside a FormPanel IE will throw an error "Invalid source HTML for this operation", I've received the same error in IE 7.0 and 6.0. It...
  10. Okay I've got this working and it's building the grid from my XML data just as it should, but I'm trying to figure out how I can get an attribute?

    My XML looks like this -

  11. Okay I got it (sort of) I had to get the model from the TreeItem (later in my code) then do get("id").
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to set a TreeItem's ID. I create the tree and fill it with BaseTreeModels (it's the only way I've found for populating a tree.) I can set the text of the item but I...
  13. Ah, thank you. I ended up using the GWT xml parser.
  14. I'm trying to use simple in my GXT project but when I go to compile it gives me an error

    [ERROR] Line 16: No source code is available for type org.simpleframework.xml.Serializer; did you...
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