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    Thanks Sven, I will raise this on the google fourm then.


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    Hi Guys,

    Ive encountered an issue when pasting text into a HTML editor with IE8.

    Ive tried this at the following url to be sure its not just something im doing:
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    Hi there im trying to clear a progress bar to its initial state after it has reached 1 and 100% text, but nothing seems to work.

    I have actually managed to workaround the issue by setting it to
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    based on the above post it does look like you have an issue with your root, however, i dont think thats a major problem, as ya workaround would be to just clean your json string client side to remove...
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    Hi there im trying to clear a progress bar to its initial state but nothing seems to work ive tried:


    none of which seem to work, it...
  6. still no replies to this? it cant be that difficult right? someone must know this?
  7. its pretty simple:

    Window w = new Window();

    if the url i point to has any javascript in it, like for example an onclick on a image, then the javascript doesnt...
  8. anyone had a chance to look at this, left it a few days, and im still stuck with this one, id appreciate any help people can give, even if its just to further reading
  9. Hi guys i have a window that is loading a url to a page that contains javascript, the issue im having is that the javascript doesnt seem to be executing. Ive seen posts helping for ext js talking...
  10. thanks Nicky, doesnt do quite what im trying to achieve, but useful none the less.
    Im trying to get two events to fire at the same time (i need to move two content panels at the same time), your...
  11. did you get anywhere with this, im trying to do two animations concurrently and it only seems to do the first as you were experiencing?
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