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  1. Using Adroid 4.4 ( although prob not limited to this version ) and the default Chrome browser, I'm noticing that navigating between adjacent form fields is difficult - the button that usually...
  2. Close - creating the FormPanel directly. Code below ( code file is ) .

    try {

    var form1 =...
  3. Not sure why I can't edit the posts - here is link to the fullsize screenshots - .
  4. Questions
    * If this is a problem related to caching ( Ext.cache['form-#'] ), what is the best way to disable caching during rendering ?
    * Where is the actual DOM created? I traced some of the code...
  5. Screenshots detailing the problem, starting from the exception and working back in time.

    Exception Details


    Exception is caught and handled.

    Exception Thrown
  6. Summary
    Cannot load a second form - exception thrown because DOM elements are not created.

    ExtJS 4.1 GA, Latest Version of Chrome and FireFox

  7. I think I'm seeing this problem is the 4.0.1 release - it seems like the getKey() method is returning the object itself rather than the index, which results in a new value with the index of -1 being...
  8. I can't explain why but the code no longer seems to work with Ext 3.1 ( FF and Safari ) as there will be a JS error when removing a field. A quick fix seems to be to perform the remove on the panel...
  9. IE7, and perhaps others, is putting newlines into the doc.body.innerHTML when a form is submitted by AJAX and a form's fileUpload property is set, which results in the JSON response being broken.
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    Just to follow up, I'm using the DynamicField plugin ( Ext.ux.plugins.DynamicField.js ) and it seems to work very well. There is a post around here with a files to download, but for the life of me I...
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    Yeah that sounds right. I can see that you made some suggestions about overloading the add and remove events ( ).

    Is there a working...
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    Hi. This is my first post to the forum so I'll keep my question simple. I'm wondering if ExtJS could support the dynamic creation of fieldsets within a form, such as a form that allows one to add...
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