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  1. I have a gridPanel that I'm trying to set up with an autoHeight, and with a maxHeight of 280. The autoHeight portion works, but it seems to be ignoring the maxHeight. Here's my code:

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    I'm trying to accomplish something that I kind of feel silly for not being able to figure out. I'm trying to add a CSS class to the cells of a dataGrid.

    I've tried setting up a renderer that...
  3. Maybe with the way you're set up you don't need one, but I noticed you don't have a dataReader set up. If I had to guess I would say that's your problem.
  4. I gave this a try, still giving the error. I'm using IE 8. I took out that space and it didn't seem to make a difference. Just for grins I took out every blank line in the page and it didn't make...
  5. I just set up Ext JS in my project, and am coming across a problem. I’ve copied the ext-all.js and the ext-base.js into my project, along with all the images and CSS. I’ve set up my first web page...
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