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  1. I am moving from Ajax call to model and res proxy.
    When I save I need the server resposnseText, but I can not seem to get this information.
    In below code in the success method I like to process...
  2. I tried the offline, witch caching, but the did not work in iPhone
    Its a bit anoying, as web apps, are a very nice way to provide apps, as it do not require packaging and distribution via appstore
  3. This did not work for me ether.
  4. I am migrating all my projects to the MVC standard.
    The refs is good.
    But creatingthe controller in architect is more work than just press the button and add the event on the component, architect...
  5. I like to move to extjs4 for my architect projects, and just like to understand if architect generated project will get problems.
  6. The book was good.

    Using controllers, is adding far more coding than just defining the events in the view.
    And from a readbility perspective I do not agree that controller offers more readable...
  7. I belive that to make it use the referense myButton must be unquated.

    But I give it a try, to see if it works.

    Big thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply.
    This example will capter event from any button , if I am corect.

    How can I in Architect change your code so it looks like below, to make it tied to the referense of the...
  9. I have a web app, and placed a link to it on the iphone desktop.
    Everytime I press the icon it starts the web app.
    But how can I prevent it from reloading the page if page is already loaded?

  10. I have tried to figure out how to use my refs in control actions.
    Doues anyone know how to do this in Architect.

    config: {
    refs: {
    myView: 'myview' },
    control: { myView: { 'onMyCusomEvent' }...
  11. I have purshased the book you sugested, and have started to read it, I hope it turnes out to be educating.

    I am far from the skill level I like to have when it comes to sencha and javascript, but...
  12. Sencha Architect offers the ability to define events on components in a view and at the same time I here that event management shall be done in a controller.

    From a architect GUI perspective I...
  13. I have a card layout view that I reuse multiple of times by linking in Architect.
    My controller listens to event from my view and change card based on which button is pressed.
    The views that are...
  14. I get similar errors
    + sencha-touch/src/data/proxy/Client.js
    + sencha-touch/src/data/proxy/Memory.js
    + sencha-touch/src/data/proxy/Server.js
    + sencha-touch/src/data/proxy/Ajax.js
  15. Replies

    I have until now used Ajax calls and form submits for adding, updating and removing datastore records.
    But I understans that there is alternative using the model and store commands

  16. I added an Ext.Ajax.on('requestexception', function (conn, response, options)
    To catch exceptions from my ajax proxy calls.
    If I catch the exception event directly on the proxy it works, but I...
  17. Hi,
    I like to catch EXT.Ajax requestcomplete globaly for all calls.

    Goal is to in a central place catch server replies that session is invalid, and redirect user to login page.

    This page...
  18. I have some images that I like to fire a click event on.
    But this doues not seem to be supported in Architect.

    Any one have a hint for doing this in architect?
  19. I have a number of projects developed in 1.2 of designer.
    The upgrade goes well, after upgrading and storing the project in a new location.
    It shows up nicly in Architect

    After that I have added...
  20. A simple filtering can be added as fields in the toolbar
    Here is a simple example of filtering a grid n one field, but can be extended with using multiple fields in the filtering

    var aStore =...
  21. This is a very intresting subject, we have 10 submodules today that are maintained by different people and today stored as separate project, but we realy like to get best practise feedback for using...
  22. I usualy create a stylesheet that includes by icons.
    Doing so it is very easy to add them to a button object by using the iconcls property
    There is a number of predefined icon classes that can be...
  23. This looks like a good solution, it is then possible to after a login add objects dynamicaly from a datastore
    But to make this workl, the load of this has to be done after the first login view has...
  24. There was a new build of sencha architect yesterday, that I successfully upgraded to from my home computer.
    But on work I am behind a proxy, and sencha architect do not upgrade to the latest build...
  25. One of my projects app.js file looks like below code, Some of the stores and some f the view should only be vissible to some people.
    Is it possible to dynamicaly add some of the store items and view...
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