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  1. Thank you for your reply, I will try your solution, it is cleaner than the following, by using a conditional concat.

    items: [{
  2. hello,

    to manage user access,i need to disable loading some items, in a viewport for now i hide them with a the "hidden" property, but I can't prevent the background processing for this...
  3. yes, thanks a lot , probleme solved
  4. thanks for response, i, this case we can't add a handler with a parameters :(.
  5. hello all

    I have a simple EditorGridPanel with a tbar, i have defined Event for each button in tbar, but the last Handler defined is automaticlly fired without user intervention :-?. i am using...
  6. Problem resloved, i have this in my FormPanel header

    el: 'login-box'
  7. This basic example work in ext V 2.2, the form is correctly submited and i can read my field value in server side.

    var login = new Ext.FormPanel( {
    url :'auth/login',
  8. hello
    i seen that we can't extend and register and new treeNode model.

    but it's very useful to create a model of TreeNode witch have a spesific icon,ContextMenu.....

    there is an other way
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    hi all
    i want to wrire a regular expression to check a valid MySQL database Name where all chars are allowen except ", /, \, *, ?, <, >, |, :,.
    i seen the maskRe work diferently than a class...
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    hi all

    i add a code with initialisation of code and i have the code in single ligne
    how to wrap a text,
  11. is not a solution for me, i want to do some things if the combo is cleared, i think that is a bug, look this thread .
    to reslove i will add a checkbox to disable the combo if the user dont need to...
  12. hi all.

    i have two linked combox and i want to disable child one if the parent is empty.

    i want to dot some action when my ComboBox is seted to empty.
    I have tryed with select and change but...
  13. great, i find it, many thanks.
  14. thanks
    yes it's a dataview, i dont know that, the browser source is included with the ExtJS download.

  15. hi all
    witch compement is used to build the demo brosser i am specialy intersted to get the same
    larg button.
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    hello all.

    i try to apply a loading mask for a rounded panel when it get data, but the mask is not centred, it apear in the top of my panel.
    i have tryed to call the ajaxj request on Afterlayout...
  17. it's work now i have removed the title proprety \:D/
  18. hello
    it's dont work for me with x-box, the panel is rendred with no border.

    var p = new Ext.Panel({

    id : 'mypanel',
    frame : true,
    width : 300,
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    I already set my XTemplate, i guess i will use Apply method with result of my Ajax request as parameter
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    hi all

    i have a Dataview for showing a single record, actualy i use an to get my data but there is an other way to request a single record.
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    the question is : can i use the extJs CSS class for my template ? i would like if the user change the theme of extJs my template adapte the color of baground and borders.

    like this one...
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    hi all
    i have in my project some template with borders, fonts and i would like to use the ExtsJS CSS Class, this for my template change with the ExtJS active Theme.

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    :-? i think that is not possible to do this with a tbar button, i have added a simple form button and it's work with it and not with my toolbar button.
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    i dont posted my because is long i have truncated it to show only concerned part.


    GestCieptal.FicheEmp = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
    url :...
  25. tanks it's work, soleved
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