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  1. Any update on this? Still seeing v3.0.0 for download. Thanks!
  2. Definitely an issue here as well...
  3. Same issue here. I guess for now we need to edit the manifest manually?

    Edit: looks like this is fixed in v 3.0.1, but how do I get it? Download link is still for v3.0.0.
  4. I agree -- the 2.1 docs say that it created a cache.manifest but it does not. I don't think this works on iOS either.!/guide/command_app
  5. This seems to have helped greatly as well:

    layout: {
    animation: false

    Now I can switch tab panel buttons between charts endlessly on the iPad 3 without issue.
  6. Update:

    changing line 96 of src/draw/Surface.js from:

    devicePixelRatio: window.devicePixelRatio,

  7. Seeing 100% repeatable crash with Charts 2.1 on an iPad 3 after adding two simple gauge charts to one tab and a simple line chart with 3 series to another tab.

    Interestingly, it does NOT crash an...
  8. Thanks, this fixes it and works like a champ!
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