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  1. I have a User model that has a has_many associations (where the has_many model then has it's own downward chain of has_many relationships, about 4 deep in total).

    When a User record is loaded, the...
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    has anyone figured out how to make the POST body be URL encoded?
  3. Was wondering myself, doesnt seem to be anything built-in really for this. I have something like the following:

    store2 = new;
  4. From your screenshots, it looks like Google maps itself is not resizing correctly. There is a event that must be triggered through the Google Maps API (v3) to get the map to resize (this will come up...
  5. I have something like (its actually a picker not a direct Sheet...):

    new Ext.Picker({
    fullscreen: true,
    slots: [...]

    When the Sheet is first rendered, everything is fine. When the...
  6. was able to set slot's store by doing the following:

    new Ext.Picker({
    slots : [{
  7. I have a picker, with a single slot, that constantly changes. When the picker is initially created, I set the store to null, since I don't know which store it should be linked to (yet).

    The user...
  8. any word on when this may be updated?
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