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  1. Hi Gary,

    If the functionality has been removed then how can we achieve this in the upcoming ExtJs versions(after ExtJs 4.1). Is there any other way for this? Would you please provide me some...
  2. I am not able to delete record from the grid when its store has "buffered: true" in ExtJs 4.2.0.
    I have made a JS fiddle to demonstrate the problem:

    Above example...
  3. I am just migrating from ExtJs 4.1.0 to ExtJs 4.2.0 and I faced the following issue:

    In our application we have made a custom picker using Combobox. In which we have added the Grid in the picker....
  4. State is not maintain in case we LOCK any of the column of the GRID. Even it is showing ExtJs internal Error on the console. Please help me to maintain the state of the Grid Columns when we lock the...
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    Why State management is not working with Lock/Unlock feature of the Grid.

    1. Lock any of the column in the GRID.
    2. Reload the Grid.
    3. ExtJs internal error on console and GRID failed to load.
  6. I have tried the State Management using Ext.state.CookieProvider. But this is not able maintain the state for Lock/Unlock feature of grid. Steps are as follows:

    1. Lock any of the column in the...
  7. It is also having issue with Ext.state.CookieProvider. Locking and Unlocking State is not persists even by using Ext.state.CookieProvider. I think it is the ExtJs issue.
    If anybody has any...
  8. I have made a sample on Locking Grid by using ExtJs example.

    Please have a look at this fiddle.
  9. Thanks for reply.
    You can test it at your own end as well. Just add "locked: true" to any of the COLUMN of the GRID. Then you can see LOCK and UNLOCK option in the column property (Just below the...
  10. I have tried your plug-in and State Management not working with the LOCKING features for the grid.
    Steps :

    1. Lock any of the column in the GRID.
    2. Reload the Grid.
    3. ExtJs internal error on...
  11. I have also updated with FireFox 17.0.1 but I am having the same problem. Actually it is problem of focus, when I move the cursor focus to somewhere else( lets say textfield ) then that cursor on the...
  12. Please have a look at the image below , I have checked it on live preview in ExtJs docs :

  13. Hello Everyone,

    Please look at the image below :

    I am using :-
    Firefox version : 16.0.2
    OS : Windows 7
    ExtJs 4.1

    I am having this issue with Firefox.
  14. Hi all,

    Is there any solution to the above question...Please reply on that.
  15. In the Tree Grid example :!/example/tree/treegrid.html

    I have modify the example in the above link and added one more column of xtype 'checkcolumn'.

  16. Thanks buddy, but i want to resize the sprite like if there is a path and i want that path to be resizable something like this :

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    Hey Thanks DD JJ for helping me but that example used JQuery but I want to be with purely Raphael or ExtJs+Raphael.

    I think you have develop your application with ExtJs + Raphael ( as your post...
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    Hi DD JJ,

    I have the same problem , but didn't get any solution yet.
    Hope you got something till now.

  19. Hi Everybody,

    I want to know is there any way to resize sprites directly, if so please provide me some running sample or any other reference, please its very urgent and very important, Thanks in...
  20. Is there any way to draw a path having an arrow at the tip ( end ) of path?

    I'm newbie to ExtJs waiting for response, Thanks in advance
  21. Hello Everbody,

    I want to make rectangle draggable, I have a code like this ( below) now want to make it draggable but didnt get any success, as i have set the draggable to true but it has no...
  22. Ok, like if we want our circle or rectangle to be draggable then we need to just put them in container and set the config of container as draggble to true. Am i right? It will automaticaly adapt the...
  23. Hey Sword,

    For a case if it is circle then how can we acheive it as panel or window are rectangular and it seems to be a circle in an a box.But i just want to resize just circle and as UI ,I want...
  24. Hi Sword,

    Thanks buddy its woking.
    You have solved my problem.
  25. I am just newbie to ExtJs, i want to know how to resize a rectangle by pulling its side by mouse pointer. I have tried something like this :

    var drawComponent =...
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