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  1. Thanks Alexandre for your reply.

    You right I can play with CSS to be sure to hide icon and don't have hand icon during mouse hover event. But to me I prefered find a way to don't create what I...
  2. Hello,

    I have a problem about grid action column.
    I manage to have view or edit icon in my action depending on field value in record using getClass config of columnaction. It's work fine.

  3. Hello,

    Maybe you can use grid.reconfigure(). I use this awsome feature to change dynamycally columns config in my grid.!/api/Ext.grid.Panel-method-reconfigure
  4. Hello,

    I had same issue, I'm not sure 2.x sdk is ready for ExtJs.

    try old version of sdk 1.x, it's working with windows and do the job well.
  5. Thanks for your help, I just use the wrong file, my OS is 32bit and not 64bit like cpu.
  6. Hello,

    It's probably a stupid question, but I need help to install SDK Tools on Linux.
    I move under Debian server and I don't know how I can install SDK Tools on this OS.

    I'm newbie on...
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    I found any infos about how to install SDK on debian.
    I'm newbies on linux and I'm lost. I always use aptitude to install software and never deal with a bin file.

    thanks fo your help.
  8. Thanks, I forget to test this way, it's working.
  9. I have a strange issue when I define Store in MVC application.

    If I follow documentation of or MVC guide I must write:

    Ext.define('', {
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    You can add
    autoCreateViewport: false on top of the application class.

    Or you can create Viewport.js file but I guess you need to declare and empty class that match the name:

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    I solved my problem.
    I use too much copy/paste from previous code.

    My problem is in definition of my columns, I specified an ID for each columns.
    When I instanciate a new grid I get conflict of...
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    I try to integrate something similar to this exemple: in window.

    I defined my own grid:

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    Is someone success to apply slideOut() or fadeOut() during hide event of menu?
    My menu hide before begining/end of effect.
  14. Thanks to your help., it's working perfect.
  15. Hello,

    First sorry for my bad english (I'm french :(().

    I replace ExtJs 2 in my app by ExtJs3 and try some optimisation.
    I have a form with 8 combobox.
    Each combobox have his own store and...
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    Thanks to for your reply.

    Are there another way to instanciate Ext.Menu with listner on my Iframe and not on parent's document?
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    First, I'm sorry for my bad english. I always find my answer on forum but this time, I need your help.

    I use an TabLayout with iFrame.

    In my iFrame I don't load ExtJs I use this line:

    Ext =...
  18. Hello,

    First, I'm sorry about my poor english!

    I use a grid panel and I'd like to have a method to make difference when I check a checkbox and I select a row.
    The problem is when I check a...
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