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  1. This is a bit late, but I was searching for the very same thing (and unfortunately did not find what I was looking for). However, I did come up with a workable solution that I have posted here:
  2. Please see my answer here:
  3. The whole website seemed down for a minute there, but they are both online now. Thanks!
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    +1 for the "down for everyone" link. I did post a quick reply to the bugs thread. Thanks for your help, and I'll mark the answer.
  5. Anyone else having problems with the online docs at the moment? I keep getting server not found for
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    What the heck? If I go to the home page, and click the link right off their page, I get "Firefox can't find the server at". Are you using a cached version? Oh, and can I move this...
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    Where would I post this, such that it is most relevant and seen by the sencha development team? By the way, they really are down, and it's very annoying.

  8. +1. An "excel" like grid would be a common use case, would it not? It would be really nice to drag over a range of cells, then copy and paste into a spreadsheet...
  9. Agreed.
  10. As far as I understand it an is not a component, thus you cannot use ComponentQuery to access it (please someone correct me if I am wrong here).

    Either way, I recommend you try...
  11. If you create an alias (xtype) like so: alias: 'widget.clientdetail' you could find the component with: Ext.CompoentQuery.query('clientdetail').

    Also, see here:...
  12. Surely someone out there knows the answer to this... :-?
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    They are documented under, and here's a link to boot:

    Scroll down the page a bit, and it will tell you all you need...
  14. Generally, it is more efficient to apply a single listener to a container of buttons (and then locating the target), vs applying a listener to each button.

    So, using an MVC approach in ExtJS...

    I'm not sure if he intentionally left out this link or not, but nonetheless that's where I found it.
    Never underestimate the power of right...
  16. Ok, so I beat my head against a wall for a while today while getting the following error:

    layout.owner is undefined in ext-all-debug.js line 23050.

    After a bit of digging I found that by...
  17. In what ways is your version an improvement over the one at

    Additionally, your demo page doesn't provide a link to download, but...
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