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    I have a mysterious problem: I updated from GWT 1.5 RC1 to the first release of GWT 1.5 (1.5.2) and without any changes of the code of my application, the hosted mode browser of GWT shows a...
  3. That solved it! Thank you.
  4. Hello Darrell,

    as described above, if I move setTopComponent to the constructor, the bottom of the window is missing. I have to resize the window manually to get it completely visible.

  5. Hello again,

    does anyone have presumptions or proposals for Solution?
  6. Here is the test code. I
  7. I have a Window with BorderLayout. The window contains a LayoutContainer placed at LayoutRegion west and a further one placed at LayoutRegion Center. A third Layoutcontainer is set as top component...
  8. So simple...

    I overlooked that. :">

    Thank you!
  9. Hello,

    for a sample application I want to add my Components to a Viewport to monitor window resizing. Unfortunately if I do so, the browser (hosted mode) shows an empty screen.

    If I add them...
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