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  1. sseema, I doubt it is related to Ext.ux.TinyMCE, but rather to TimyMCE itself. So you'd better to ask this question at their support forums.
  2. Guys, I finally published the component at the GitHub. Don't know what prevented me to do it before, so don't ask. :)

    N.B. The code there also contains Ext.ux.TinyMCE version for ExtJS 4. Somewhat...
  3. Extension does not require. But if you'd choose jQuery-base TinyMCE version, then it would be of course necessary.
  4. @JNason
    Can you make a test page reproducing this bug?
  5. Actually it is not a browser default font but rather editor's default font, which is specified in the editor's default CSS file. You can find it somewhere in the editor's directory. Currently I don't...
  6. Here you are: version 0.8.2.
  7. Jangla
    Please try how does it work in plain TinyMCE. I doubt that my component alters this behavior.
  8. Guys, sorry for being soo slooow, but I finally made an update. You can download it from our site:

    Fixed problems, reported by you in this thread....
  9. aa0
    I agree with you about the semanitcs of the form field. And this is definitely my bug, that I fire event with inner editor. But you also break the semantics, when you wire "keypress" and other...
  10. @andynuss

    It definitely will work with Ext 4. But, I afraid, only after we'll start migrating our application to Ext 4. We didn't try yet.

  11. Try using TinyMCE variant that is not bound to jQuery.
  12. @andynuss
    Try version 0.8.5 -
    It should fix the bug with alert popping under the modality shadow.

    As for scissors - this is not "delete", this is...
  13. @andynuss
    Styles is populated with CSS classes that TinyMCE finds in CSS file that you specify. If you don't give it such file, or the file doesn't contain standalone classes (i.e. simpliest...
  14. @arnab_ghosh
    I afraid, there is no backward compatibility with older Ext versions. So maybe someone still have Ext.ux.TinyMCE version compatible with Ext 2.2.
  15. @andynuss
    Ext.ux.TinyMCE doesn't depend on ManagedIFrame any more. Thanks to community. So you can have any version of ManagedIFrame, my control shouldn't notice it.
  16. So, it is working? Great. I'll slo-o-owly prepare the release then.
  17. @uwolfer
    Please also try this new version. Does it correctly perform lazy definition of WindowManager and ControlManager classes in your case?
  18. @dumbledore, please try the version with windowGroup support. Just specify it in "manager" configuration parameter for the editor.
  19. @mschwartz
    Sorry, can't say anything valuable on this issue. Looks like I never saw such behavior in my applications. Maybe you can build up a test case that shows this problem on base on my test...
  20. Toon, get to component's instance using Ext.getCmp() method. Then go to editor using "ed" property and use its API to do what you want. Editor's API is described in details at TinyMCE site.
  21. Can you make a test case on base of my test.* files?
  22. What if it will be possbile to specify WindowGroup for the instance of Ext.ux.TinyMCE to use?
  23. Dumbledore, just a though: maybe Editor by itself uses special window group that we can get and pass to Ext.ux.TinyMCE instance?
  24. Yes, asagala, windowGroup appears to be a bad idea. As I understand, it now works only if you put the component in Editor. And in all other cases there are problems with popups.

    Dumbledore, this...
  25. sirioz10, nice hack! :) But I don't think we should include in into official version. After all, this is a hack. So if one suffers from this problem, he can go and apply your workaround.
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