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  1. Well, in that case it's really a hack that you're documenting files using the concept of classes. Why not do another hack on top of that and use underscores instead.

    There is actually a...
  2. I guess, it's not really the file name that's causing problems, but rather the class name. I don't really know why you would want to have dashes in your class names. You sure wouldn't do it if you...
  3. Well, you can wrap the top-level object-literal inside parenthesis. Then the file will be valid JavaScript and the parser won't complain.
  4. The first file is not valid JavaScript. You can't simply place object literal at the statement level.

    The second file parses only by accident. The parser sees a block-statement, inside where...
  5. Just click on the ">>" button at the right side of the tabs and choose "Close other tabs".

    Or right-click a tab and choose "Close other tabs".
  6. JSDuck 6 beta released

    The 6th major release comes with a proper SCSS parser to enhance the support of documenting SCSS variables and mixins. It's using the official SASS library internally.
  7. As you correctly noticed - this is currently not easily achievable. There are currently three hard-coded icons to distinguish between normal, singleton classes, and components. You would need to edit...
  8. JSDuck 5.3.2 released

    This important update patches XSS vulnerability on print pages.

    There are also improvements to the handling of --warnings.

  9. JSDuck 5.3.0 released

    I'm happy to introduce a parser cache, which can speed up the docs generation up to 2x.

    When caching is enabled (witch --cache switch) the results of parsing source files...
  10. It is clumsy, I agree. But currently there is no other way to achieve that besides copying it manually.

    I've added an issue for that.
  11. Looks like it fails when compiling a native extension. So it's likely problem with the rdiscount dependency not with JSDuck itself. Try installing rdiscount separately:

    gem install rdiscount
  12. JSDuck 5.2.0 released

    This version brings an improved way of toggling warnings for missing documentation.

    Previously there were three warnings types: no_doc, no_doc_member, no_doc_param. This...
  13. JSDuck 5.1.0 released

    This improvement brings a long requested feature: an --exclude option for excluding a set of input files.

    Plus some smallish bug fixes, listed in the changelog..
  14. Replies
    Thanks for reporting. Should be fixed now.
  15. JSDuck 5.0.1 released

    Thanks to everybody who has tried out the new JSDuck 5 and reported bugs. The more urgent ones are now fixed with this patch-release, plus a bunch of old bugs.

    For more...
  16. Thanks for suggestion Peter. I've recorded it in JSDuck issue tracker:

    I'm unlikely to do anything about this right away, but I'll keep it in mind...
  17. Well, Java is not just another framework, it's another programming language. JSDuck will easily work with other JavaScript frameworks besides ExtJS, but you'll get the most out of it when documenting...
  18. JSDuck 5.0 Final released

    As announced on SenchaCon, JSDuck 5 is now finally out of beta. The major changes since JSDuck 4 include:

    - New custom tags system
    - New flat export format
    - New...
  19. JSDuck 5.0 beta 5 released

    Some more serious problems did pop up with the previous beta caused by problematic Unicode handling in RKelly. So I patched up RKelly and did another release with a...
  20. JSDuck 5.0 beta 4 released

    This beta comes with a new JavaScript parser engine - RKelly - which is a pure-ruby implementation, and should solve lots of problems that the old complicated Esprima.js...
  21. What I meant was: you can manually order the guides in config file. But there's no feature for automatically sorting of them.
  22. You could write this info into a guide. Like these:!/guide

    See the JSDuck wiki for docs on how to create your own:...
  23. You can sort them in however you want in guides config file, but there is no way for a user of the docs to sort them.
  24. None that I know of.
  25. Replies
    True. And I agree it looks inconsistent. But it's a separate topic from documentation. So I suggest you create a new forum thread if you want to discuss this.
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