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  1. As long as you "require" the config-file with the constants, i think that is possible (if i understand it well).
  2. Glad you could find a way to get it working.
    Looks nice to me ;)

    Dont forget to mark the topic to "answered".
  3. Do you mean that those 4 will not be visible at the same time?
    If so, you can filter the store determing the view you want to have.
    By example, if you click on the "ALL" tab, you clear the filter....
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    Dont forget to close the image-tag:

    container.setHtml('<img src="' + imageUrl + '" />');

    And are you sure that the imageUrl is already known when you call it the first time?
    You can test it by...
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    It seems the documentation is not complete, for there is a hidden option that fixes this (i use ST 2.0.0).
    The option is mode. It's by default 'background'. If you change this to anything else, it...
  6. You're almost there, Vijay.
    When you get no errors, and the view isnt visible, it mostly has to do something with the view-options. There are 2 possibilities for that: the fullscreen-option or the...
  7. Yes, i think that's no problem, as long as the link ends with the filename and extension (something like '')
    So no youtube and other stuff (i suppose).
  8. Great to hear that!
    Maybe i'll work abroad a few months aswell, cause i'll finish school in September. Depends what offers there are and where it is B)
  9. You can create your own filter-function, and give that as a parameter with the filter.
    I think that this is what you are looking for:

    filterFn: function(item) {
  10. Yes, there are a few files for Sencha Touch. I use the sencha-touch-all-debug.js when im developing my app. When its ready, i'm gonna change it to sencha-touch-all.js.

    sencha-touch.js OR...
  11. Vijay, that is not the same problem, althouth the error looks a bit the same.
    The problem in your code is the "new" in front of the application and define (and maybe the way you put the main-view to...
  12. No, it should be under the config-tag.
    And it seems that stopping a youtube-video isnt that simple when using an iframe (i dont know if there is way without the iframe).
    I've wrote a little...
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    The idea with getHtml() and setHtml(..) looks fine to me.
    The setHtml(..) should update the html.

    Are you sure the getLogView() gets the container itself?
    Or that it's not a (css) problem that...
  14. You can listen to the "hide"-event, and in there, stop the video.
    If you want to continue the video when its shown again, you can listen to the "show"-event.

    hide: function(container, options){...
  15. The code looks good to me at first sight.

    What happens if you leave out the titlebar in 'Places.js'?
    If the problem remains, try to remove "Places" from the views in 'app.js', and see what...
  16. I've tried several things and combinations, but non of them worked for me.
    I ended up with writing a workaround that works fine.

    What i do now, is simply adding a property to the AgendaItem-model...
  17. Thanks Jem.
    Because of your reply, i checked the Sencha Touch Charts code itself, and noticed the problem (i didnt know what the fix should be with your answer).

    So the bug in the docs is the...
  18. Maybe something like this:

  19. I have a model 'AgendaItem', which eventually contains a 'Module'-model.
    The goal is that i want to get the title of the module in the list where all AgendaItems are in.
    But i can't get any further...
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    Try to add the next option in the list:

    deferEmptyText: false
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    If possible, try run that command (Ext.getCmp('wrpanelid')) in the console when the application is loaded, and see what it says.
    If it's undefined over there, than the view isn't put in the...
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    If the view has an ID, you can get it like this:

  23. Once you have a valid JSON-format (always "key": "value", so "booyah" over there is invalid),
    you can decode the JSON-string with Ext.JSON.decode(string).
    Then i think you can get your wanted...
  24. I don't know if it's easy to implement afterwards, but i was lucky it was only in the beginning.
    Below a kinda example to make things clear.

    My global variables are in a separate "config-file"...
  25. I'm having the exact same problem.
    I've spit it out somewhat, and noticed the problem.

    It seems that the "getter" for the variable is called BEFORE the "setter".
    The issue in here was that in...
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