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  1. I tried the anchor: 99% or something, yet it still doesn't work. I found that there's a similar thread discussing this issue on another forum.
  2. I notice some problem with the TinyMCE when I use firefox 4, it's fine if I use IE or Chrome, the scrollbar gets cut when the content in the richtext editor is too long. Please take a look at the...
  3. Hi Tryan,

    thanks for replying me.. I have tried jsbuilder and managed to cut down the size by 50k. And I still think that's too big. I'm quite strange though on some browsers, the js file just...
  4. Hi,

    Wondering if anyone has the same experience before?
  5. Hi all,

    I have encountered the following problem. I have turned ON the compression for tomcat server to gzip all .js files in order to reduce the filesize. Now, all .js files have been gzipped...
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    Hi there,

    I have a big problem with GridView, I have been banging my head to no avail. No solution so far. So any help will be very much appreciated.

    I used Gridview to draw the following...
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