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  1. I had behavior I feel is incorrect but maybe I am missing something?

    Given, window w defining combo c with store s. Store s has autoLoad: true;

    Window w has a method to init form values of...
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    Hi gevorgdarbinyan,

    Dunno if this is any good to you but if you just want to convert it to send to the server, don't! The Jackson JSON serializers do this for you automatically..

    Else: see...
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    Is this just me or what but how can one create a new calendar in this Ext Calendar?
    I mean, how can you add - Home - Business calendars??

    Kind regards
  4. Haha I like this approach :-) Was looking for in my mind a complicated fix and then saw this. Reminds me of: never forget the power of simplicity! Thanks man :-)
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    You are the saving angel! Thanks! I had been tampering with this store too. Went over the Ext JS example here: Only...
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