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  1. [CLOSED] Has there been any progress on this bug? It's a...

    Has there been any progress on this bug? It's a big problem in our system, which has a GXT form in an vertical-space limited Iframe.
  2. [CLOSED] Combobox dropdowns cut off when screen height is shortened

    I am unable to access all of the options in a combobox when my screen height (or IFrame height) is shortened to a small enough size. See the attached image of the GXT showcase, when the browser...
  3. Setting the number of visible items in a Combobox

    Is there any way to set the number of visible items that the combobox dropdown list displays (or set the dropdown height) before a scrollbar appears? I'm having issues where the dropdown list...
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    Blank Item for ComboBox

    I'm trying to add a blank item to the top of a combobox. When added, the height of the item becomes only a few pixels high. I've fixed this in the past using setTemplate, although I see that this...
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    Combobox onValueChangeHandler issues

    I'm currently using beta3. The Combobox onValueChangeHandler event does not fire until you click outside of the combobox (lose focus). I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it's...
  6. [FIXED] Accordion Layout issue when hiding collapse tool

    Found a null pointer exception in the ContentPanel class (Ext GWT 3 Beta 2). When you hide the collapse tool of an AccordionLayoutContainer (setHideCollapseTool(true)), the active item widget does...
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