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  1. I have found it.

    I do not know whether the bug, or my fault?

    public class ApplicationView extends View{

    private void createCenter() {
  2. Hallo fother,
    yes I have, but the problem is still there :-?

    it does not, it's all gone

    protected void onRender(Element target, int index) {
  3. The problem occurs not only when collapsing.
    -when browser minimizing
    - each panel resize

    that can not be a solution, but thank
  4. I'm sorry, you say

    but HtmlEditor has not setFrage Method.

    could you give me some tip, please.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, sven.

    but, how can I solve it then?

    my frame is per default false


    I need another layout or what? :)
  6. GWT: 1.6.4
    GXT: 2.0-m2
    FireFox: 3.0.10


    The problem is that if you have an HtmlEditor in a collapsible panel, collapsing and expanding the panel leaves you with a non-editable...
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    I have one DualListField<BeanModel> Object in my WizardCard.

    I get always the following error: java.lang.StackOverflowError

    I have tried:
  8. Hello everybody,

    Java: 6
    GWT: 1.6.4
    GXT: 2.0-m1

    IE : 7
    Firefox: 3.0.8
  9. Hello everybody,

    Java: 6
    GWT: 1.6.4
    GXT: 2.0-m1

    IE : 7
    Firefox: 3.0.8
  10. Hello everybody,

    Java: 6
    GWT: 1.6.4
    GXT: 2.0m1

    my simply code:

    public class GXT_TEST implements EntryPoint {
  11. thanks sven
  12. Hallo,
    the one ContentPanel can not collapse.

    I have:
    GWT: 1.5.3
    GXT: 1.2.3

    My example for bug:
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    Hello to all,

    I want include to my Tree a Listener of Events.OnDoubleClick.

    GWT: 1.5.3
    GXT: 1.2.3

    my try:
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