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  1. I'm having the same problems. Any suggestion for a workaround to this issue?
  2. Similar problem here. When the document body width is smaller than the browser window width (document.width) the mask area doesn't fill the window. I've had to tweak the _showModalMask override in...
  3. Great. I'll try it out once the latest release is available.
    Thanks for the help.
  4. Below is a stripped down example that shows the problem I am seeing.

    If I add the config option collapse:true to the panel it doesn't render properly.

    If I set config option collapse:false...
  5. The code you sent doesn't work for me. I'm still using the work around that I put in there where I explicitly collapse all the desired portals/panels from the viewport afterrender.

    Not sure why...
  6. This example, based on examples/chart/column, shows the problems:

    Comment out both label renderer line to reproduce the rounding issue in Chrome and Firefox (works fine in IE8.

    Uncomment the...
  7. I was seeing the same thing. Try setting your renderer to "0.0" as opposed to "0,0" it worked for me.
  8. My mistake. When I tried it this morning I had forgot to disable my work around.
  9. The problem I see depends on where I insert your code and what I set my .

    If I insert the whole block in my top level just before I create my viewport in the Ext.onReady() I get the following...
  10. Unfortunately that didn't help.

    The way I am currently working around the problem is by adding an afterrender listener to the viewport and explicitly collapsing any portals that need to be.

  11. Probably already on the list somewhere but I've found that if a portal is created with the collapsed: true config option that the content never gets rendered.

    Use the portal example...
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