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  1. Hello Dan,

    I published a few days ago my account on ExtDirect - Symfony use, thanks to your plugin.

    It is there:

    Ext.Direct & Symfony, DsExtDirectPlugin: testing implementation

    Here is...
  2. Hello Dan, Hi Ext tribe,

    I continue my Direct exploration ...

    What solution are you using to match the form data to those of a Doctrine object ?

    Example, with an event table : date_start,...
  3. Everything is fine, now.

    The correct call in the template is :

    RPCTEST.event.multiply( {"number":2}, function(response, e ){ console.debug(response); console.debug(e); });

    The first...
  4. Hello everyone,

    Dan thank you for taking the time to bring this wonderful invention that is Ext.Direct to Symfony.

    I wrote you an email this morning before discovering this post, apologies,...
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