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  1. Hello all,

    I have another problem, this pluggin words perfect with FF but it fails with IE8 :(

    Here is a snippets of the code arround the given line :

    // This heinous override is...
  2. I found a way to set the expected values :
    1) I added an 'id' property to the itemSelector object :

    mySelector = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    title: 'Title',
  3. Hello,

    I discovered this pluggin and it is great !

    How can I programatically set the selected items into my script ?

    I tried to use setValue() but it is not defined ?
  4. Hello again,

    I found the source of the problem : versions !

    The last version of Multiselector uses DDView object that extends Ext.View.

    As I use ExtJs 3.3.1, Ext.View is not defined.

  5. Hello,

    I'm trying to use the MultiSelect 2.2 in a SpringRoo project. I add the JavaScript sources in the load-scripts.tagx file like this :

  6. Hello,

    is there a way to put a panel in a cell grid ?

    I found several ways to show/edit several kinds of data (strings, dates, boolean) but I need to show more complex data (objects with...
  7. @Uberdude : thx for attention :)

    I started to look at DataView but I found 2 'bad' points :
    - it is more complex and I didn't find an easy tutorial to start to work with it (still searching for...
  8. I tried to add the panels dynamically, without extend them to try to see if the problem comes from the extend part : but it doesn't ... I have the same trouble :(
    See here for more information :...
  9. Hello,

    I create this post while trying to solve this one :

    Instead of extending from Panel, I...
  10. I'm now sure that it is a CSS problem, some trouble with ext-all.css : when I remove the content of that CSS, I can see my fields :-|

    There must be something wrong in the way I wrote the code so...
  11. Hello,

    I have several records of the same type that I want to show on the screen. I thought about creating several panels that will print the data of each record. I chose this solution because...
  12. Hello all !

    I start to work with ExtJs calendar and I need to customise the calendar "event edit" window :
    - I want to change the title text field programmatically
    - set it as read only
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