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  1. Thanks, your answer reminded me, I could have simply used
    Ext.getCmp('navigatingPanels').setActiveItem(0,{ type: 'slide', direction: 'right' }); instead of using those instances.
  2. I have tabpanel, which contains a few tabs. I will be concentrating on the 6th tab here - navigatingPanels.js file. In this file, I have a card layout, so that the user can fill form1 & move to form2...
  3. Though this made the cards to change, but it has lead to a new issue. The application consists of a number of other views, but this view(

    becomes the default view & the...
  4. Thank you very much. I took the following from the code you wrote, & appended it (because I already have a separate app.js file) . This finally made it to work, Thanks again :)
    var forms =...
  5. Yes, I followed all the steps mentioned by you, but still it did not change the card.
  6. I also tried index value 1, but even that does not work.
  7. I want to 2 forms, & I want to use card layout, so that when the user submits form1, he is taken to form2. But, when I try to do - MyApp.container.setActiveItem(2)
    (using console), it does not move...
  8. Please look at the code again, I have just updated the code to the actual one. Earlier I had by mistake written the wrong code, I am sorry for that.
  9. I have a very long form, so the user needs to scroll down the form. When mouse is used to scroll, the form scroll down temporarily, but as soon the mouse is released the form again scrolls up. It...
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