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    I've taken to viewing the examples in the online docs. They work there.

    But thanks for the info, I have just downloaded the GPL version.
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    I noticed that the chart examples are missing from the Kitchen sink app. When will they appear?

    Also I'm unable to run any of the live code in the docs as they all generate a TypeError.
  3. I've been looking into this...

    Here's how I am making pogress:
    - design and code index.html to be 640px wide
    - set meta viewport initial-scale=0.5, maximum-scale=0.5 in head of HTML

  4. Thanks
  5. I'm testing Sencha Charts on my Android device (ZTE Blade) and the chart transition animations aren't really showing. I am feeding new data into the chart through JS.

    The animations are too fast...
  6. Understood.

    In that case, can you point me to an example where that chart renders twice as detailed on a retina display?

    Currently all charts render the same on non-retina and retina (which...
  7. I struggled with this so thought I'd document my issues in the hope that it might help others.

    Issue 1:
    compass command not found
    solution: sudo gem install compass

    Issue 2:
    compass will not...
  8. Is there a recommended way to do retina charts?

    I've played around with viewport width and a bunch of other stuff but I can never get the page to display correctly on retina and non-retina...
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